L.A. Times Daily - Nov 16 2016

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Clues Answers
"Clean Made Easy" vacuum brand ORECK
"Gross!" EWW
"Look ma, no hands!" WHEE
"My concern is ... " IFEAR
"You've got the wrong person!" NOTME
A long way FAR
Actress Gabor EVA
Actress Tierney MAURA
Airport waiter TAXI
Anti-inflammatory brand ALEVE
Apple players IPODS
At risk of being slapped FRESH
Attention getter PSST
Attention getter AHEM
Bakery offering TART
Ballet move PLIE
Blends OLIOS
Bodyguard, typically ARMEDESCORT
Bonny one LASS
Bubbles up FOAMS
Captain Kirk's "final frontier" SPACE
Cave in GIVE
Coming to a point TAPERED
Compact 48-Down NANOS
Cornell who founded Cornell EZRA
Court calendar entry TRIALDATE
Cry out loud WAIL
Dealership lot array AUTOS
Destination for the last flight? ATTIC
Detective's moniker SHERLOCK
Didn't like leaving HATEDTOGO
Ending for marion ETTE
Enticement ALLURE
First name in skunks PEPE
Former New York senator Al D'__ AMATO
Genius' moniker EINSTEIN
Gung-ho AVID
In the cellar LAST
Clues Answers
Indulge, with "on" DOTE
Italian noble family ESTE
Krispy __ KREME
Lambs' moms EWES
Lawn-trimming tool WEEDEATER
Like Death Valley ARID
Man, but not woman ISLE
March on Washington monogram MLK
Michelle who was the youngest female to play in a PGA Tour event WIE
More flimsy, as an excuse LAMER
Nerd's moniker POINDEXTER
New England NFLers PATS
Not many AFEW
Old-timer's moniker METHUSELAH
Passionate god AMOR
Pigged out (on), briefly ODED
Pill amounts DOSES
Prefix with gram EPI
Presents too aggressively OVERSELLS
Prevent, in legalese ESTOP
Sea of __: Black Sea arm AZOV
Sealed tight SHUT
Silvery food fish SMELTS
Sixth sense, initially ESP
Skunk cabbage feature ODOR
Speak to ADDRESS
Summer cooler ADE
Take __: decline to participate APASS
Taunting remark JAPE
Traitor's moniker JUDAS
Unexciting TAME
Word with book or opera COMIC
Workforce STAFF
Young zebras FOALS
__ avail: fruitless TONO
__ Diego SAN
__ salad TACO