The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,272 - Nov 15 2016

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Clues Answers
Almost get the better of more fashionable one seen in church WORSHIPPER
Antelope present in many a land NYALA
Blunder among reserves in ground TERRAIN
Close to body dropping temperature ORSO
Code name -- 'Omaha' -- Turing covers up UTAH
Create and settle differences MAKEUP
Desperate to know how to proceed and make amends, put cards in post ATONESWITSEND
Elected head of trustees, impolite to butt in INTRUDE
Endless sex entertaining a jolly foreign policeman GENDARME
Form of treatment that may be shown in photo, as yet to be developed OSTEOPATHY
Grounds of Parisian art gallery ESTATE
Hard to penetrate word for unit of heat THERM
Hi-tech duo's ATM fiddling shows a gift for making money THEMIDASTOUCH
In love, you and me after a second run out AMOROUS
Clues Answers
Judge arrives carrying grip ARBITER
One could upset speaker -- he upset clerk HECKLER
Opera company's manager breaking a promise to tour Rhode Island IMPRESARIO
Pack in place in Kent SANDWICH
Pedant tense? No, it's I, corrected PERFECTIONIST
Plain individual DISTINCT
Pour alcoholic drink, drowning insect BEMOTHER
Prune others growing wild, indefinite number SHORTEN
Pull domesticated ox round rear of barn YANK
Struggle with scene VIEW
Time to walk like a duck? Nonsense TWADDLE
Unnerve leader of ramble, pointing to snake RATTLER
Various small things of interest to a coin collector? BITSANDPIECES
Winning deputy, good and respectable UPSTANDING