- Nov 14 2016

Clues Answers
''Dear sir or __ . . .'' MADAM
''That's too bad'' ALAS
''We're in trouble'' UHOH
44th president OBAMA
Adhesive on a roll TAPE
Affectionate address MYDEAR
Authority on a subject EXPERT
Avail oneself of USE
Baseball runner's ''theft'' STOLENBASE
Be durable LAST
Begin to melt THAW
British prehistoric rock pile STONEHENGE
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Christmas season NOEL
Clock faces DIALS
Clothes-dryer fluff LINT
Corn covering HUSK
Deep ravines CHASMS
Didn't budge STOODSTILL
Earth's rotation line AXIS
Egret cousin HERON
Elite guest rosters ALISTS
Every single one ALL
Flow slowly OOZE
Former spouses EXES
Fort __ (gold repository) KNOX
Freeze over, as a windshield ICEUP
Get __ the ground floor INON
Gig for a soprano OPERA
Give approval to OKAY
Go jogging RUN
Guy in Eden ADAM
Has sore muscles ACHES
Heredity factor GENE
Honking birds GEESE
Hotter than cool WARM
Hydrant attachments HOSES
Identical SAME
In unison ASONE
Clues Answers
Is inclined (to) TENDS
Jonas who conquered polio SALK
Kitchen or den ROOM
Labyrinth MAZE
Ladies WOMEN
Lambs' moms EWES
Late-blooming flower ASTER
Meat inspection agcy USDA
Mexican mister SENOR
Not as much LESS
Nuisance PEST
Object to MIND
Papa's partner MAMA
Person from Edinburgh SCOT
Person, place or thing NOUN
Plump chicken CAPON
Prayer ending AMEN
Predicament PLIGHT
Prefix for freeze ANTI
Pushed a doorbell, say RANG
Quick haircut TRIM
Related (to) AKIN
Religious group SECT
Reward for Fido TREAT
Rounds of applause HANDS
Sports venues ARENAS
Take for granted ASSUME
Taking advantage of a sale STOCKINGUP
Tarzan nickname APEMAN
Title for an earl or baron LORD
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Trolley sound CLANG
Underway, to Sherlock AFOOT
Unlock OPEN
Very close NEAR
Young lady GIRL
__ and void NULL
__ copy (photocopy) XEROX
__ story (biography) LIFE