The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 887 - Nov 14 2016

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Clues Answers
A short distance in the lead AHEAD
Are confused in choice of surgical intervention OPERATION
Concede part concealing sin retrospectively SURRENDER
Contracts for psychiatrists SHRINKS
Dull at the margins within state, unfortunately SADLY
Elevated part of railway involves developing giant embankments initially RIDGE
Forget his ridiculous thinking about the future FORESIGHT
Gain promotion against worker with seniority ADVANTAGE
Have a house in valley outside Welsh capital DWELL
Have an OTT response concerning misplaced crate OVERREACT
Holds party for politicians at house with press regularly ANCHORS
Horror of soldiers instilled in father DREAD
In favour of fighting with Germany at the front FORWARD
Increases speed reversing round inside of bend DEEPENS
Informed article goes into popular game making a comeback INTHELOOP
Lawyers earn a good deal BARGAIN
Clues Answers
Lowest point of drain is broken NADIR
More modern part of Brisbane we recommended NEWER
Not right having tantrums becoming older AGING
Paddy's piece of land supports cereal RICEFIELD
Postponed action to protect deposit DELAYED
Refusal by navy vessels to return without a break NONSTOP
Said to be correct to send a letter WRITE
Setter working to follow unambiguous guidance DIRECTION
Smartens up for Tate visit after a fashion TITIVATES
Song you once surprisingly rated extremely sexy YESTERDAY
Start to assign repairmen on time for a change AMENDMENT
Struggle with vision after change of leader FIGHT
Sudden outbreak of resistance during raid BURST
Surprisingly, EEC bans time off work ABSENCE
Tended to worry over daughter CARED
Winning finish gets attention in golf ENDEARING