The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,264 - Nov 5 2016

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Clues Answers
Act to hold newspapers down DEPRESSED
Angus brought back esoteric sweet stuff SUGARCANE
Arch bridges are not perfect SAINTLY
Bank provides accommodation for $1,000 animal TIGER
By implication, fat royal without consideration UNTHINKINGLY
Cooking equipment is gourmet's first problem GRIDDLE
Crackpot embroiled in a cult LUNATIC
Criminal robs: Met Police seek him MOBSTER
Facial expression shows I'm in blissful state GRIMACE
French cop in international force INFLICT
In cricket club, Bell's sound BATTING
Inscription around grave -- a record before death finally EPITAPH
King with delay about to alight from carriage DETRAIN
Like the following text in pieces ASUNDER
Clues Answers
Maybe book of film that is in the can TIEIN
Men on board captain's place on ship -- posh area KNIGHTSBRIDGE
Mexican ready to assemble posse PESOS
Old German bit writer about France having upset drink PFENNIG
One's violent if brought up in care of rugby enthusiast RUFFIAN
Overturned race held by personnel dept -- fresh start needed REBIRTH
Peace vehicle impounded in Iran unfortunately NIRVANA
Person serving minor nobleman shortly behind the Queen BARTENDER
Rather dull people -- time to give some flattery? BLANDISHMENT
Scrap and run in Slough SHRED
Shame on you getting stuck into booze more like Botham? BEEFIER
Sort of contract for sirloin or rib-eye perhaps NOTRUMP
Thus nerd in crash with traffic staggered THUNDERSTRUCK
US soldier captures a coarse Italian revolutionary GARIBALDI