USA Today - Nov 12 2016

Clues Answers
"I'm off, old chap!" TATA
"It pains me to say . . ." ALAS
"That's the proof," in math QED
Acts the Good Samaritan AIDS
Analyzed grammatically PARSED
Anatomical feature referenced in four prior clues NECK
Architect's rendering PLAN
Arrangement container VASE
Barnyard brooder HEN
Begin the bidding OPEN
Beverage container with a label on its 66-Across CHAMPAGNEBOTTLE
Book copier of old SCRIBE
Brewmaster Coors ADOLPH
Broadway production SHOW
Buttonholes, e.g SLITS
Call onto the carpet SCOLD
Cambridge student, informally CANTAB
Car salesman's milieu LOT
Carpet cutters' calculations AREAS
Cineplex ad information TIMES
Cornfield measure ACRE
Counselors' org ABA
Cover sheet abbr ATTN
Cuban coins PESOS
Curly tailed canine AKITA
Defeated a la Usain Bolt OUTRAN
Easily led DOCILE
Easily tipped watercraft CANOE
Engages in palm-greasing BRIBES
Feels contempt for DESPISES
Females in flocks EWES
Fix, as a loose lace RETIE
Flight attendant's workspace AISLE
Freeway ramps EXITS
Frilly shirt, typically with a laced-up 66-Across POETBLOUSE
Fuss, to Shakespeare ADO
Generation divider GAP
Grazer on Michigan's flag ELK
Great burden ONUS
Clues Answers
Hair-raising stuff? GEL
Handyman's belt item TOOL
Hockey or basketball statistic ASSIST
It's tapped in impatience TOE
Jedi's furry ally EWOK
Largish combo OCTET
Lawn-Boy acquirer TORO
Like an unswept hearth ASHY post JOB
Morning brew, slangily JAVA
Mustachioed clerk on "The Simpsons" APU
Mythical man-goats FAUNS
Names on Billboard charts POPSTARS
No longer hung up on OVER
Not stressed ATEASE
Offer no resistance TAKEIT
On the subject of ASTO
Once-sacred slitherer ASP
Pooh's feathered friend OWL
Position (Abbr.) LOC
Praise to the hilt EXALT
Proposal foe ANTI
Quit trying GAVEUP
Retail chain J.C. ___ PENNEY
Rickman who played Snape ALAN
Salt away SAVE
Samuel of the Supreme Court ALITO
See 10-Across BEAN
Stake on a table ANTE
Stringed instrument with a scrolled 66-Across DOUBLEBASS
Suffix with Manhattan or meteor ITE
The Diamondbacks, on scoreboards ARI
To-do list entry TASK
Travel like a drifter ROVE
Treater of Poms and Pekes VET
Turkish coin LIRA
Vegetable with a cylindrical 66-Across BUTTERNUTSQUASH
With 28-Down, legume for Hannibal Lecter FAVA