The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26564 - November 8, 2016

Clues Answers
Admit head has left college ETON
Appear to be holding container for fruit dish COMPOTE
Being imprisoned by magistrate, day to avoid DODGE
Big beasts pronounce about arresting king YAKS
Botched delivery — baby not crying, do we hear? NOBALL
Burst of hail almost over SALVO
Having reconnoitred round college, I questioned systematically CATECHISED
Holy Land area within borders of sand SACRED
I don't agree with old soldier? That's fine NOSWEAT
I don't know foreign currency — let someone else deal with it PASSTHEBUCK
I wish I could manage to hold small lighter in canal OTOSCOPE
I'm ready for a row, caught by authoritative statement CORACLE
Judge church house initially lacking somewhere to eat REFECTORY
Last month, courier moving around making heartfelt complaint CRIDECOEUR
Left to throw up round ball: it's low in the air TROPOSPHERE
Clues Answers
Lump of fish, line caught CLOD
Not like admirals in Whitehall to be disorganised ATSEA
One not free to work everything, except at the start HELOT
Participating in series of races is torture, yet one is running TRACKEVENT
Primate holding service initially in part of church APSE
Puma, say, mountain animal originally seen in tree CATALPA
Starts companion in suits FITS
Stroke part of eye LASH
Swerve left in running away DEFLECTION
Terminal choice here, where the condemned are getting a new leader HEATHROW
The samurai turn out to be rather incompetent AMATEURISH
Who, when intimate, resorted to a mystery story THEWOMANINWHITE
With current having failed, right to probe old energy source? DOWNSTREAM
With no rival, I could be no plainer NONPAREIL