- Nov 8 2016

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Clues Answers
''Scram!'' SHOO
''__ seeing you!'' ILLBE
Ancient OLD
Anthem or ballad SONG
Approximately ORSO
Banana skin PEEL
Beam of light RAY
Belly muscles ABS
Ben Franklin's bill HUNDRED
Cancel out UNDO
Cape Cod codfish SCROD
Castaways' spots ISLES
Compete in a race RUN
Cozy diner seating BOOTH
Crossword column heading DOWN
Defeat decisively WHOMP
E pluribus __ UNUM
Excessively TOO
Fissure RIFT
Fix, as a shoe RESOLE
Fragrant wood CEDAR
Free-for-all fight MELEE
Gave medicine to DOSED
Germ-free STERILE
Group of civilian soldiers MILITIA
Has debts OWES
Hourly charge RATE
Japanese ''bar'' food SUSHI
Jay once of ''The Tonight Show'' LENO
Lopsided UNEVEN
Made a goof ERRED
Made sharper HONED
Make illegal ABOLISH
Makes simpler EASES
Meted (out) DOLED
Mexican seafood sandwich SHRIMPTACO
Notion IDEA
Nun's attire HABIT
Observed SEEN
Clues Answers
OId college cheer RAH
Opinion survey POLL
Peach center PIT
Pepper grinder MILL
Person, place, or thing NOUN
Picnic invader ANT
Prepares a gift WRAPS
Professional charges FEES
Prosecutors: Abbr DAS
Put an __ (stop) ENDTO
Putting to work USING
Raggedy doll ANN
Sailor's assent AYE
Seafood sandwich LOBSTERROLL
Seafood soup CLAMCHOWDER
Sent a duplicate email to, for short CCED
Sit for a picture POSE
So-so grade CEE
Softened, with ''down'' TONED
Spanish cheers OLES
Spooky EERIE
Start of a challenge IDARE
Stated SAID
Suffix meaning ''believer'' IST
Supermarket pathway AISLE
Tacks on ADDS
Take to court SUE
Tax form IDs SSNS
Thick seafood soup OYSTERSTEW
Try out TEST
Unusual ODD
Used to be WERE
Very detailed INDEPTH
With no warranty ASIS
Woman with an inheritance HEIRESS
Work a loom WEAVE
You-know-__ WHO