Wall Street Journal - Nov 9 2016 - Why?

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Clues Answers
'Know what I mean?' SEE
1952 Edna Ferber novel GIANT
1969 role for Dustin RATSO
Abyssinian or Persian CAT
Acclaimed EMINENT
Bark of a deadly puppy? KILLERYAP
Blissful feeling RAPTURE
Bring in EARN
Car radio buttons PRESETS
Cash compartment TILL
Colombian airline AVIANCA
Completely ALL
Confuse ADDLE
Doesn't sit by ACTS
Draft card letters SSS
Editor removing a story before it can run? NEWSYANKER
Ethnically offensive RACIST
Faux pas SLIP
Fill up SATE
Frank holder BUN
From the thrift store, perhaps USED
Go up BURN
Gothic novelist Radcliffe ANN
Graffiti signatures TAGS
Green spots OASES
Harper's Weekly cartoonist NAST
Hillary rival BERNIE
Home of a certain farmer THEDELL
Improvise VAMP
In accordance with PER
Kapukahehu Beach setting MOLOKAI
Kit Carson Home makeup ADOBE
Kyoto currency YEN
Large antelope ELAND
Lennon's love ONO
Member of a select group? VOTER
Minute ITSY
Clues Answers
Musical drama performed in masks NOH
No longer a fan of OVER
Noble aims IDEALS
Outcome of a wake-up call AROUSAL
Parisian's pain MAL
Passed and then some ACED
PC parts CPUS
Pharaoh's symbol ASP
Playful bite NIP
Pop's daughter SIS
Possibly MAYBE
Publisher that bought the rights to Webster's dictionary MERRIAM
Rayburn and Raimi SAMS
Reagan's 'Star Wars' program: Abbr SDI
Relieves oneself of watermelon seeds, perhaps SPITS
Ripe quality ODOR
Run out of steam TIRE
Secret rival ARRID
Shape-shifting god LOKI
Show appreciation, in a way CLAP
Sick as ___ ADOG
Soaking spot TUB
Soft shots over the net DINKS
SoHo neighbor TRIBECA
Start working GETBUSY
Supporters' responses YEAS
Sure way to do in your oxen? POISONYOKE
Tails off LESSENS
Trades jabs SPARS
Turns back, at Ellis Island DEPORTS
Undoing word NOT
Vitalize ANIMATE
Vogue competitor ELLE
Water-breeding creatures NEWTS
What causes the center of the dough to rise? MIDDLEYEAST
What the number of candles on a carrot cake signifies? RABBITYEARS
Where to conform, as the saying goes INROME
Will add-on CODICIL