Universal - Nov 4 2016

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Clues Answers
"And step on it!" ASAP
"Auld Lang ___" SYNE
"Bye, amigo" ADIOS
"It's now or never" time DDAY
"Just as I thought!" AHA
"Legal" prefix PARA
"Omigosh!" EGAD
"Stat" add-on ION
50-50 test answer TRUE
Absorbed, as a cost ATE
Admirals' commands FLEETS
All the time ALWAYS
Applaud CLAP
Auction offering LOT
Bailiwicks AREAS
Below required standards UNFIT
Bouquet AROMA
Brit's military air arm RAF
Burst of wind GUST
Canvas on a yacht SAIL
Catch a glimpse of ESPY
Causes of feelings of superiority EGOS
Checker that's a double-decker KING
Class jottings NOTES
Common cosmetics additive ALOE
Crafts like Noah's ARKS
Disney's "___ and the Detectives" EMIL
Dispatch, as a dragon SLAY
Early afternoon ONE
Exercise for the flexible YOGA
Extended unconsciousness COMA
Face-to-face exam ORAL
Feelings of discomfort MALAISES
Goosebump-inducing EERIE
Gooseneck, e.g LAMP
Greeting in one state ALOHA
Habeas corpus, e.g WRIT
Clues Answers
Highly paid New Yorker YANKEE
Infants BABES
It smells great NOSE
Japanese alcoholic beverages SAKIS
Jeans fabric DENIM
Kind of swimsuit TWOPIECE
Lie adjacent to ABUT
Misfortunes ILLS
More likely to spill, as water in a bucket SLOSHIER
Most piquant ZESTIEST
Noble partner? BARNES
Not shy with one's opinion VOCAL
On all ___ (crawling) FOURS
On the payroll SALARIED
One spelling for a "dressy" Indian wrap SAREE
Phone CALL
Popular snowman FROSTY
Punjabi princess RANI
Put more lubricant on REOIL
Respectful form of address MADAM
Santiago's place CHILE
Slender instrument OBOE
Some farm tools HOES
Southpaw LEFTY
Straitlaced PRIM
The "A" in A.D ANNO
The farmer saw the baby goats .. DOCRAZYKIDSTUFF
They're in every forest TREES
Tire abbr PSI
Unhatched fish ROE
Vindictive SPITEFUL
Virtuosos (var.) MAVINS
Warm, so to speak NEAR
What the farmer sees during winter? PIGSINABLANKET
What the farmer sees while batting? COWSINTHEFIELD
___ Ste. Marie SAULT
___ tube (slang for TV) BOOB