New York Times - Aug 16 2008

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Clues Answers
'Breakfast at Tiffany's' actor EBSEN
'Happy Days' event HOP
'Pebble in the Sky' author ASIMOV
'Silver Spoons' family name STRATTON
'The View From Castle Rock' author MUNRO
45-Across and others: Abbr. SENS
Accent, e.g. MARK
Arizona pol Jon KYL
Attain on the wing SOARTO
City of 2 1/2 million at the mouth of the Yodo River OSAKA
Columbus's flagship? OHIOSTATE
Company retirement asset? SLEEPSOFA
Compound used to stabilize perfumes KETONE
Consternated AGHAST
Corn dog alternatives CONEYS
Costa ___ MESA
Doozy PIP
Drift Prairie sharers DAKOTAS
Fancy entrees? VIPPASSES
Frankincense or myrrh RESIN
Grayish ASHY
Greta of 'The Player' SCACCHI
Groundbreaking discoveries? ORES
Hoisted quaffs TALLONES
Hope can always be found here ARKANSAS
It began with the slogan 'It's time to get connected' MSNBC
James Birdseye ___, Union general in the Civil War MCPHERSON
Jerry who wrote 'Hello, Dolly!' HERMAN
Like corn dogs ONASTICK
Like some college appointments TENURABLE
Lion and unicorn wearer BRITON
Minor amounts TADS
Clues Answers
Mint preserves? HERBARIA
Mongolian dwellings YURTS
Old Olds ALERO
One in a line of 36 ROCKETTE
P, in a phonetic alphabet PAPA
Pacer pacer? SHOTCLOCK
Part of a U.S. embassy address APO
Patron of pregnant women STGERARD
Prefix in many juice names CRAN
Protection for someone on the run? SKIPARKA
Recording artist? STENO
Reed ___, Mr. Fantastic of Marvel Comics RICHARDS
Relenting assent OKOK
Rigatoni, e.g. TUBES
See 46-Across ONAFAST
See 49-Across TONES
Serve without consequence LET
Small two- master YAWL
Some reds CLARETS
Something from one's bag of tricks PLOY
Spiritedly, on scores CONANIMA
Spoon, say NESTLE
Stuff SATE
U.K. honour OBE
Uris hero ARI
Used lofty words? SKYWROTE
Vampire hunter's aid STAKE
Western terminus of the Northern Pacific Railroad TACOMA
Winston Smith's greatest fear, in '1984' RATS
With 34-Across, protests peacefully, in a way GOES
With 58-Across, violinists' productions HARMONIC
___ Island, birthplace and longtime home of Cornelius Vanderbilt STATEN
___ Tres Marías (Mexican islands) LAS