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Clues Answers
$$$ sources ATMS
$5 bills, in slang ABES
'-- bin ein Berliner' ICH
'-- buy that!' IDONT
'-- one ...' (start of an opinion) IFOR
'Behold!,' to Caesar ECCE
'In the Valley of --' (2007 film) ELAH
'La Cage -- Folles' AUX
'Let it stand' STET
'My poetry is terrible compared to Maya's'? IMNOANGELOU
'Paradise Lost' figure URIEL
'SOS' band ABBA
'Star Trek' helmsman SULU
'Still the King' cable channel CMT
'Twilight' vampire -- Hale ROSALIE
'Well now!' OHO
-- -deucy (card game) ACEY
-- Bator ULAN
-- Dhabi ABU
15-season CBS series CSI
1994 sci-fi action film TFORCE
1998 Australian Open winner Korda PETR
7/4 cookout BARBQ
About to bat, e.g UPNEXT
Actor -- Ray ALDO
Actor Max BAER
Alternative to a Word file PDF
Alternative to Bloomie's SAKS
Arm bone ULNA
As dry as -- ABONE
Atty.'s org ABA
Award in the ad business CLIO
Bad-mouth KNOCK
Bang, as a big toe STUB
Beer topper FOAM
Big Ten gp NCAA
Carne -- (Mexican steak dish) ASADA
Carols NOELS
Class fixture DESK
Colorants DYES
Comes into being ARISES
Comic shriek EEK
Concepts IDEAS
Cop in a drug bust NARC
Cosmonaut Gagarin YURI
Curious as -- ACAT
Datebook entry: Abbr APPT
Directive ORDER
Division: Abbr SEG
Dog in 'Garfield' ODIE
Early utopia EDEN
Eight-armed mollusks OCTOPI
Elk cousin DEER
Emu cousin RHEA
Fast at installing canoe stabilizers? QUICKONTHEOUTRIGGER
Faux -- PAS
Folk wisdom LORE
Forest buck STAG
Foreteller SEER
Former queen of Jordan NOOR
Fortify BEEFUP
French department OISE
Gambling venue, briefly OTB
Garden tool RAKE
Give a bias SKEW
Graf -- (ill-fated German warship) SPEE
Harp cousin LYRE
Hearing thing EAR
Hipbone-related ILIAC
Clues Answers
How china is often sold ASASET
Ill-fated Ford EDSEL
Indian dress SARI
Inner layer LINING
Intro drawing class, maybe ARTI
Klutzy sorts OAFS
Large wasp HORNET
Late inning NINTH
Like an ogre wearing his facial disguise? HIDEOUSBEHINDAMASK
London lav LOO
Long oar SCULL
Main role LEAD
Marshy inlet near Boston? MASSACHUSETTSBAYOU
Messed up during a film shoot? FOULEDTHESCENE
Mid-voyage ASEA
Model Heidi KLUM
Mongoose cousins MEERKATS
Muffin topper OLEO
Muslim chief EMIR
Noodges PESTS
Not tame FERAL
Notch shape VEE
Olympus -- (volcano on Mars) MONS
Overflowing (in) AWASH
P.O. item LTR
Pal from way back OLDBUDDY
Play starter ACTI
Plum cousin SLOE
Plump and healthy-looking BUXOM
Prefix with tourism ECO
Prop- ending ANE
Put a new front on REFACE
Raised rails ELS
Really stuck INAFIX
Renovates, for short REFURBS
Rice-A- -- RONI
Ringo on drums STARR
Roman 102 CII
Schoolyard rejoinder ISTOO
Secretive govt. group NSA
See 98-Across LEE
Setting LOCALE
Shell rival in Canada ESSO
Ship of myth ARGO
Shoe brand ECCO
Skater Kulik ILIA
Small city's package deliverer? TOWNCOURIER
Small stream RIVULET
Soft rock TALC
Spanish cheers OLES
Stella -- (beer) ARTOIS
Streep of film MERYL
Supper crumbs ORTS
Swan cousins GEESE
Tailless cat MANX
That ship SHE
The vowels AEIOU
This yr.'s 75-Downs SRS
Took off on APED
TV sergeant played by Phil Silvers BILKO
Unfeeling person's fake-out? CALLOUSONESBLUFF
Vicinity AREA
Vigor, in music BRIO
Vodka drink, informally COSMO
Vogue editor Anna WINTOUR
Wallet filler CASH
Website IDs URLS
What a table had when Sitting Bull was sitting at it? SIOUXFEETUNDER
With 103-Across, frozen dessert brand SARA
Witherspoon of Hollywood REESE
Yves' yeses OUIS