The Washington Post - Nov 1 2016

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Clues Answers
'David Copperfield' baddie HEEP
'How ___ Your Mother' (CBS sitcom) IMET
'I know! I know! Pick me!' OHOH
Al Jolson standard SWANEE
Angler's hairdo? FISHINGPERM
Apollo 13 commander Jim LOVELL
Aware of ONTO
Best Picture of 2012 ARGO
Biblical queendom SHEBA
Birdbrains DOLTS
Came out with SAID
Caustic criticism VITRIOL
Colony member ANT
Cooling-off period TRUCE
Cousteau's milieu MER
Cultural Revolution leader MAO
Dedicatee of Lennon's 'Woman' ONO
Disneyland conveyance TRAM
Entertain, as a child at bedtime READTO
First name in objectivism AYN
Flip out GOMAD
Go after ATTACK
Good listener? EAR
He broke Ruth's career home run record on 4/8/74 AARON
Helps with the dishes DRIES
High vantage point TREETOP
Honkers without horns GEESE
Ingrid's 'Casablanca' role ILSA
Insertion symbol CARET
Israeli port HAIFA
Latin clarifier IDEST
Lee who directed 'Life of Pi' ANG
Leftover bit ORT
Clues Answers
Lexicographer Webster NOAH
Like a pvt. peeling potatoes ONKP
Like many taxis HAILED
Like some potatoes RICED
Many a dance club tune REMIX
More idiosyncratic ODDER
Mountaineering aid ICEAXE
Musicians who could use a hand? ONEARMEDBAND
Nail-biting TENSE
Outback runner EMU
Own up to ADMIT
Posterior HIND
Preliminary race HEAT
Put away, in a way EAT
Put in ADDED
Queue before Q LMNOP
Reebok rival AVIA
Salad maker, at times TOSSER
Sprawling property ESTATE
Starbuck's boss AHAB
State's second-in-command (abbr.) LTGOV
Stop legally EMBAR
Stun, in a way TASE
Surrealist Magritte RENE
Swiss watch brand OMEGA
Tabriz native IRANI
Taylor of 'Six Feet Under' LILI
Teacher accused of malfeasance? REPORTEDPROF
Took off SPLIT
TurboTax option EFILE
Vacation destination SEASIDE
Worldwide (abbr.) INTL
Worrisome subject of some school letters to parents LICE
Youngest of Chekhov's 'Three Sisters' IRINA