Wall Street Journal - Nov 2 2016 - Take It in Stride

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Clues Answers
'Most miserable hour that ___ time saw' ('Romeo and Juliet') EER
'See ya!' CIAO
1975 hit for Elvis Presley MYBOY
AAA map letters HWY
According to ALA
Arabian valleys WADIS
Bar pickup? TAB
Blood lines ARTERIES
Brake part SHOE
Breakfast buffet choice MELON
Bull, in Baja TORO
Bulrushes, e.g SEDGES
Buyer's bargaining strategy STARTLOW
Called to see someone SKYPED
Can't refuse to MUST
Carnival treats ICES
Characters in books TYPE
Congressional output LAWS
Consequently ERGO
Culmination APOGEE
Enter a flat, say? NOTATE
Equal competitor SPLENDA
Family nickname SIS
Field crew LABORERS
Fill in for a traveler HOUSESIT
First name in New Haven ELI
Flamenco cries OLES
Freud feature BEARD
Get the latest dish? ORDER
Getaway destination RESORT
Glimpse ESPY
Homer hollers DOHS
Kept the wolf from the door MADEDO
Mass of people HORDE
Member of Sauron's army ORC
Memorable stretch ERA
Clues Answers
Mourn melodramatically SOB
Mum's cousins ASTERS
Nigerian-born singer SADE
Nipper's letters RCA
Not at all reflective RASH
Old antiknock additive ETHYL
One targeted by a water cannon RIOTER
One with a habit USER
OOO, at times HUGS
Outdated map letters SSR
Passiontide follower EASTER
Perfect place EDEN
Pretty pickle BADSPOT
Pron. kind REL
Prone to prying NOSY
Propose as a price ASK
Reo model of the 1930s ROYALE
See 18-, 27-, 45- and 56-Across WALK
Silicon Valley city SANTACLARA
Society event BALL
Source of inflation AIR
Strips of DIVESTS
Sweeping tales EPICS
Taiwanese PC manufacturer ACER
Test pro LABTECH
Thoroughly mixed up ADDLED
Took home NETTED
Trafalgar Square honoree NELSON
Turning blue, say DYEING
Univ. award DEG
Unusually good RARE
With 55-Down, classic movie about a dreamy hike? THEBIGSLEEP
With 55-Down, high-stepping dance for brides and grooms? WEDDINGCAKE
With 55-Down, highlights of a trip to Atlantic City? BEDANDBOARD
With 55-Down, two cosmonauts outside Mir? DOUBLESPACE
Yield to gravity SAG
Zipped SPED