Universal - Oct 31 2016

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Clues Answers
"Born as" NEE
"To ___ is human ..." ERR
"You Send Me" singer Sam COOKE
After-school bake sale org PTA
Anger IRE
Anti-apartheid party, for short ANC
Banish from an apartment EVICT
Bawl CRY
Betting numbers ODDS
Bit of ointment DAB
Black, poetically EBON
Came in first WON
Cigar residue ASH
Climb upward ASCEND
Compass heading, sometimes ENE
Confidential matter SECRET
Confused mixtures Farragos
Confused noise DIN
Conquers BESTS
Consumers of products ENDUSERS
Cook in an oven ROAST
Cordwood units STERES
Crested parrot COCKATOO
Director Spike LEE
Drive-___ restaurant THRU
Elegantly and stylishly fashionable CHIC
Expensive pub order ROUND
Explanations WHYS
Fainting ASWOON
Fatalities DEATHS
Frighten one's Halloween staff? SCARETHEROD
Gather some wool SHEAR
Get involved in a different sort? REORDER
Give a new title to RENAME
Happen OCCUR
Clues Answers
Hard to see through, as fog DENSE
Inebriate SOUSE
It causes you to lose one hr. of sleep DST
Kind of station GAS
Lawyer's objection DEMURRER
Lebanese capital BEIRUT
Like a calm spirit? GHOULHEADED
Little amphibian EFT
Lose a staring contest BLINK
Mafia chief CAPO
Make, as money EARN
Many college degs BAS
Mas' mates PAS
Napped leathers SUEDES
New bride's title MRS
Nonlethal weapon AIRGUN
Ocean stopping points SHORES
One of three fairy-tale bears PAPA
Psyche component EGO
Put forward as truth ASSERT
Remote access? CHANNEL
Reward for waiting? TIP
Saddle afflictions SORES
Scotland's ___ Islands ORKNEY
Stockholm citizen SWEDE
They've got your parts covered HATS
Those preparing for a break RACKERS
TV watchers VIEWERS
Visitors to baby Jesus MAGI
Voting nay ANTI
Wanna-___ (copycats) BES
Way to begin AFRESH
Weaver's equipment LOOM
What caused Dracula to go the doctor? COFFINNONSTOP
When Sept. ends? OCT
Wind instrument OBOE
Word with "neat" or "control" FREAK
___ Perignon DOM