The Telegraph - GK CROSSWORD NO: 1,247 - Oct 16 2016

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Clues Answers
1946 comedy film starring Robert Young LADYLUCK
1973 satirical novel by Tom Sharpe PORTERHOUSEBLUE
Abbreviated form for a powered mechanism SERVO
Cash obtained without effort MONEYFOROLDROPE
Cristiano --, Portuguese footballer RONALDO
Decorative plasterwork on a building STUCCO
Dwight --, American country singer-songwriter YOAKAM
Enlist as part of a general movement JOINUP
Expression from French meaning well-informed AUCOURANT
First print from a negative PROOF
Genus of rootless fernlike plants PSILOTUM
Glaringly vivid or sensational LURID
Long sandy peninsula in Massachusetts CAPECOD
Member of a Germanic people in power in Italy from 493 to 555 OSTROGOTH
Point opposite nadir ZENITH
Procedure regularly followed RITUAL
Clues Answers
Recreating the past for effect RETRO
Scottish squire or landowner LAIRD
See the -- of one's ways, realise one's wrongdoing ERROR
Seed of a plant used for food, forage and as a source of oil SOYABEAN
Series of manned Soviet orbiting spacecraft SOYUZ
Shallow, voluble, volatile person RATTLEBRAIN
Snack of dried fruit, nuts and seeds TRAILMIX
Specialised but profitable place to sell NICHEMARKET
Speed or rhythm in music TEMPO
Study of whales CETOLOGY
The --, seat of government in The Netherlands HAGUE
The cgs unit of magnetic flux MAXWELL
Thick slide of bread DOORSTEP
Very high collar CHOKER
William Webb --, inspiration behind new game of rugby ELLIS