The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,256 - Oct 27 2016

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Clues Answers
Actual kingdom miles away REAL
At home with a beer -- it possibly gets you drunk INEBRIATE
Better location on the French Riviera, on river NICER
Challenge: some demand a recount DARE
Change holiday: Conservative leaves for Rhode Island VARIATION
Common sense to ring the Queen, very anxious NERVOUS
Danger -- quick to remove bishop RISK
Describe Liberal's lengthened speech DRAWL
Draw a tiger's head on paper ATTRACT
Exotic illness? One's held in isolation LONELINESS
Expose United Nations fellow corrupt at heart UNCOVER
Flier about temperature being extraordinary STARTLING
Former lover put on one stone to stay alive EXIST
I caught bird lifting something floating in the sea ICEBERG
No iris develops without good roots ORIGINS
Old article about independent hospital department ANCIENT
Clues Answers
One appears on stage in clubs -- first, a bit of 'Hair' ACTRESS
Paper, for instance, that's still read aloud STATIONERY
Pressure on amateur to perform PLAY
Rarest tuna prepared here? RESTAURANT
Recommend us eggs -- scrambled -- with last bit of toast SUGGEST
Record 500 in battle getting oxygen VIDEO
Remember seeing roc in flight RECOGNISE
Shows meat -- about to go ahead with seconds REVEALS
Standing where everyone's coming or going? STATION
Storm destroyed a party TORNADO
Studies English? Foolish DENSE
Stylish public transport should return SMART
Table for the masses? ALTAR
Team embarrassed after prisoner is judged CONSIDERED
Visitor to university, gentleman turning up on time TOURIST
Youngster with a large sum TOTAL