Rock and Roll - Oct 2 2016

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Clues Answers
"Absolute Torch and Twang" k.d LANG
"Another Brick in the Wall (___ 2)" PART
"Fancy" icon REBA
"I Just Fall in Love Again" singer Murray ANNE
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" band NIRVANA
"Stuck in the Middle With You" co-writer Joe EGAN
"To Venus and Back" Amos TORI
"Where Do I ___" Nickelback HIDE
"You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't ___ Fish" TUNA
"You Can't Always Get What You ___" WANT
"___ Get a Witness" CANI
'88 Anthrax "Antisocial" album STATEOFEUPHORIA
19-Across thrasher Scott IAN
2001 Asia album about a heavenly glow? AURA
50 Cent group G-___ UNIT
AC/DC guitarist Young ANGUS
Anthrax "Born ___ Idiot" AGAIN
Anthrax "Poison My ___" EYES
Anthrax "We don't care for writing ___" HITS
Anthrax "When you stick your fingers in your ___ and create another scene" EAR
Anti-Billboard music UNDERGROUNDROCK
Band monies made EARNINGS
Beyonce played this James in "Cadillac Records" ETTA
Bloodhound Gang "Magna Cum ___" NADA
Clears, after tour expenses NETS
Crooner Patsy CLINE
Cut a tour short ABORT
David Thomas' Pere ___ UBU
English "Auberge" artist Chris REA
Faces "Ooh ___" LALA
Fear Factory "Corporate ___" CLONING
Hidden track on John Mellencamp's "Big Daddy" LETITALLHANGOUT
Instrument Golden Earring finds their "Love" with? RADAR
Iron Maiden's famous mascot EDDIE
James "Can't catch love with a net or ___" AGUN
Jay of Jamiroquai KAY
JLo song about bills? TENS
Kasabian "Beneficial ___" HERBS
Clues Answers
Keith Richards "Words ___" OFWONDER
Kelly Rowland "Lay It ___" ONME
Kind of seats in back, at times LAWN
L.A. band Ima ___ ROBOT
Little River Band "The Night ___" OWLS
Lonestar "___ Day Goes By" NOTA
Lush song about goodbye? CIAO
Magic Numbers song that takes a whack at it? TRY
Meat Loaf "___ Attitude" BAD
Musical achievement FEAT
Musical sign CLEF
Paul Gilbert band ___ X RACER
Paul McCartney "___ Upon a Long Ago" ONCE
Pigeon's perch Replacements sang of, with "The"? LEDGE
Queen "___ Love With My Car" IMIN
Queen song "It's ___" LATE
Repeated word in Stones "Heartbreaker" title DOO
Robert Palmer "Sneakin' Sally Through the ___" ALLEY
Rock mainstay STAPLE
Sammy Hagar "I Can't Drive 55" album VOA
Security "Hold your horses!" call WHOA
Shred RIP
Singer Garfunkel ART
Soul singer Redding OTIS
South African jazz singer Mbulu LETTA
Springsteen "Cadillac ___" RANCH
State-named '01 Slipknot album IOWA
Taylor of Live CHAD
The Academy Is... '07 album SANTI
Tina Turner "I Want You ___ Me" NEAR
Tom Hanks music movie "___ Thing You Do!" THAT
Tour freight weight TON
Ultravox leader Midge URE
Whitesnake "The ___ the Love" DEEPER
Whose "Song" is was, to Silverchair ANAS
World Party "Drive the car around the world, until you get ___" HEARD
Yes "I've ___ All Good People" SEEN
___ White T's PLAIN