Universal - Aug 13 2008

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Clues Answers
''Be My Yoko ___'' (Barenaked Ladies song) ONO
''My Antonia'' writer Willa CATHER
''Wide Sargasso Sea'' author Jean RHYS
''You made that up!'' LIAR
''___, old chap ...'' ISAY
Ancestor of the adding machine ABACUS
Augustus succeeded him CAESAR
Author Stanislaw LEM
Bacon portions RASHERS
Bear of a constellation URSA
Became an issue AROSE
Boarding-house resident LODGER
Cinereous stuff ASH
Clear tables and such BUS
College environment ACADEME
Colombian cartel city CALI
Communication with the divine PRAYER
Company VIP EXEC
Computer giant APPLE
Debussy's ''Clair de ___'' LUNE
Diner owner, on television MEL
Dumbfounded expression STARE
Earthenware material CLAY
European river ODER
Florentine statue DAVID
Genesis hunter ESAU
Grade of beef PRIME
Grills ASKS
Horatian and Pindaric ODES
Hurt all over ACHE
Intelligent beach material? QUICKSAND
Intelligent carnival game player? SHARPSHOOTER
Intelligent grooming tool? SAGEBRUSH
Intelligent salon offering? BRILLIANTCUT
International understanding ENTENTE
It can give you deja vu RERUN
Jazz singer Anita ODAY
Jerk, in slang SCHMO
Clues Answers
Legs, also in slang GAMS
Like a fresh brownie MOIST
Like the ending of ''Romeo and Juliet'' TRAGIC
Lineman furthest from the center END
Luau instruments, briefly UKES
Male goose GANDER
Mary's pet LAMB
Mend a split in one's pants RESEW
Money in Madrid, once PESETAS
Number in a Dickens title TWO
Place for beastly couples? ARK
Place to unwind SPA
Powder ingredient TALC
Produce, as a show PUTON
Purim's month ADAR
Rebus pronoun EYE
Rejoice EXULT
Roseanne, originally BARR
Shaped like a rainbow ARCED
Ship of discovery NINA
Skin-So-Soft seller AVON
Slow musical movements ADAGIOS
Small plumed hat TOQUE
Some trains LOCALS
Spaghetti recipe phrase ALDENTE
Stanley Cup grp. NHL
Straighten, as wheels ALIGN
Stream bottom BED
Sulfuric substance ACID
Ten-percenters AGENTS
Texas city known for its streets? LAREDO
Tiny one of fiction TIM
Tremendously ALOT
Waterfall sight MIST
Waterlily painter MONET
Where Crockett last stood ALAMO
Word often given an unnecessary apostrophe ITS
Word with ''egg'' or ''luck'' BAD