L.A. Times Daily - Aug 12 2008

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Clues Answers
"Get used to it!" SOSUEME
"Little" kids' book character with a strong work ethic REDHEN
"Same here!" DITTO
"The Good Earth" heroine OLAN
Act like a couch potato, with "out" VEG
Admits guilt for, as a lesser charge COPSTO
Al Gore's st. TENN
Apprentices do it TRAIN
Auto ad fig. APR
Bill of "Maude" MACY
Change the decor of REDO
City near Provo OREM
College drilling gp. ROTC
Director Reiner ROB
Distress ALARM
Distribute ALLOT
Dix and Knox: abbr. FTS
Espresso serving DEMITASSE
Excite, in slang SEND
Fatigued WEARY
Fifth Republic legislature SENAT
Fond du __, Wisconsin LAC
Force unit DYNE
Frogs' hangouts LILYPADS
Had too much ODED
Heavy reading? TOME
Heroic accounts SAGAS
High-fiber food BRAN
Hooded jacket PARKA
Illuminated from below UPLIT
In equal measure TITFORTAT
In reserve SPARE
Incite EGGON
Information to be analyzed RAWDATA
Informed of the latest developments UPTOSPEED
Clues Answers
James of the Old West JESSE
Lecherous GOATISH
Like the idea behind this puzzle's theme? HALFBAKED
Louisiana county PARISH
Magic act prop WAND
Nerve GUTS
Nickelodeon feature COINSLOT
Notary's emblem SEAL
Obeying a dog school command HEELING
Old Testament prophet ISAIAH
Online party notice EVITE
Organist's selection STOP
Out that results in an RBI SACFLY
Page-turner GOODREAD
Penultimate March Madness round SEMIFINALS
Pipe smokers usually don't do it INHALE
Proverbial iceberg part TIP
Rajiv Gandhi's mother INDIRA
Role for Ronny Howard OPIE
Should that be the case IFSO
Smoking alternative? NON
Sock ending EROO
Space-saving abbr. ETAL
Store window sign OPEN
String player's stroke UPBOW
Subtitle of the sequel "Damien" OMENII
Superman's emblem ESS
Take the honey and run ELOPE
Terrier type SKYE
Tightly packed DENSE
Tom Joad, e.g. OKIE
Unobtrusive attention getter AHEM
What a full moon is, really HEMISPHERE
Wonder Woman's headwear TIARA
__-car RENTA
__Flu: cold/flu product THERA