Rock and Roll - Aug 10 2014

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Clues Answers
"Can't you see my faded ___ bursting apart" Meat Loaf LEVIS
"Going Down the ___ Feelin' Bad" ROAD
"Jackie Wilson Said (___ Heaven When You Smile)" IMIN
"Lucifer" Parsons ALAN
"Only the Good Die Young" Billy JOEL
"Rapture" Baker ANITA
"Reunited" Peaches and ___ HERB
"You can stay ___ Y.M.C.A.!" ATTHE
"___ light! Enter night!" EXIT
Award season heartache DEFEAT
Award season nod NOMINATION
Bag used for "byob" shows BOTA
Beck "Jack-___" ASS
Berklee professors SCHOLARS
Brian May "The Gov'___" NOR
Brit popster Allen LILY
Brother ___ CANE
Bruce "___ Avenue Freeze-Out" TENTH
Cake's is "Italian Leather" SOFA
Components of album booklet IMAGES
Dead Milkmen "Filet of ___" SOLE
Delay's cousin ECHO
Drake has Santa Margarita by this LITER
Eagle Eye's half-sister NENEH
Excelled in performance SHONE
Frehley and Enders ACES
Geometric Annihilator song "Liquid ___" OVAL
Jamaican Kingston SEAN
John Mellencamp "Let It ___" ALLHANGOUT
John Williams' famous riff JAWS
Missy Higgins song for the car? STEER
Modest Mouse's frontman ISAACBROCK
Musical directions PATHS
Nautical Feist song "The ___" MAST
Nicki Minaj "Beef ___" STEW
Nirvana's is "Pennyroyal" TEA
Outkast "___ It on the Bar-B" SKEW
Pendulum "___ Grinder" AXLE
Clues Answers
Person who wears black and listens to The Cure GOTH
Played while listening to pub rock band DARTS
Poison's "Tongue" NATIVE
Popular "Edition" in '80s NEW
Popular rock makeup product EYELINER
Ray Charles "What'd ___" ISAY
Repeated word in Sheryl Crow title CMON
Richmond punkers AVAIL
Rise Against "Audience ___" OFONE
Second album by AC/DC TNT
Showing buddy licks TEACHING
Skid Row "I'd stare a lifetime into your ___" EYES
Skid Row "Slave to the Grind" power ballad WASTEDTIME
Skid Row "___ Act" RIOT
Song bit RIFF
Soul rocker Butler AALON
Stephin Merritt's "Fields" MAGNETIC
Sting song, often TALE
STP "Trippin' on a ___ in a Paper Heart" HOLE
STP's "Girl" SOUR
System of a Down "___ Suey!" CHOP
Talented musicians play with this EASE
Tha Eastsidaz "Tha G in ___" DEEE
To drop a member OMIT
Type of movie part for a musician, maybe BIT
Unsigned bands' tour transport? VANS
Valens "La ___" BAMBA
What a record comes in SLEEVE
What criminal rocker did to music FACED
What critics do to albums RATE
What heartthrob seems to girls HEROIC
What must go on SHOW
What Tommy Tutone did to "Jenny"? RANG
What's on the Stones' "Side" TIME
Whitesnake "Slow ___" ANEASY
Who "In the ___" ETHER
___ Blacc ALOE
___ Tengo YOLA