Rock and Roll - Jul 7 2013

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Clues Answers
"Guitar Town" Steve EARLE
"Hey baby, there ain't no ___ way out" EASY
"Just ___" Faith No More AMAN
"Lie to Me" Jonny LANG
"Okie From Muskogee" Haggard MERLE
"Said I Loved You ... But I ___" Michael Bolton LIED
"Shoutin' in Key" singer Taj MAHAL
"Where the Streets Have ___" NONAME
"You Know How ___" Taking Back Sunday IDO
'82 Toto smash ROSANNA
'90s alt-rockers Black ___ LAB
'90s Soundgarden side-project HATER
'93 album "Common ___: The Songs of the Eagles" THREAD
30 Seconds to Mars singer/actor Jared LETO
AC30 amp maker VOX
Alanis Morissette song she never put her stamp on? UNSENT
Andrew Wood band ___ Bone MOTHERLOVE
Bands' headquarters NESTS
Bangles "In Your ___" ROOM
Bass-playing move PLUCK
Beatles "Glass ___" ONION
Beck song that makes you sick? NAUSEA
Bell of Erasure ANDY
Billy Joel "Big ___" SHOT
Billy Joel "The ___ Time" LONGEST
Blues pianist Spann OTIS
Bowie "Come and Buy My ___" TOYS
Canadian punk heavyweights (abbr.) DBS
Care Bears On Fire "Barbie ___ Sandwich" EATA
Classical singer Brightman SARAH
Commodores "Three Times ___" ALADY
Composer Copland AARON
Dokken "Burning Like ___" AFLAME
Doors "And our love become a funeral ___" PYRE
Eels "___ Wolf" LONE
Electronics giant RCA
Eurythmics Stewart DAVE
Clues Answers
Fleetwood Mac "No Questions ___" ASKED
Hall & Oates "Everything Your Heart ___" DESIRES
Hammersmith ___ ODEON
Jack Johnson "Bubble ___" TOES
Joan Jett "___ Alley" UPYOUR
Kaiser Chiefs "___ God" OHMY
Like atmospheric music AMBIENT
Like some band leaders BOSSY
Locator, perhaps TEXT
Maroon 5 frontman Levine ADAM
Need when entire band is in hotel room COTS
Neil Diamond "Yesterday's gone. Now all I want is ___" ASMILE
Not-so-serious musician AMATEUR
Number Tom Petty album "Long After Dark" was FIVE
Pump-up drink ENERGY
Radiohead "How I ___ My Millions" MADE
Rocker from '60s "Invasion" BRIT
Roxette "___ been love, but it's over now" ITMUSTHAVE
Sepultura song about a desire? URGE
Sheryl Crow "___, break my heart again" CMON
Shot caught w/a telephoto lens (hyph.) CLOSEUP
Silverchair "Frogstomp" single ISRAELSSON
Something Corporate "She ___ Me Blue" PAINTS
Steve Howe band ASIA
Stevie Nicks "Sable On ___" BLOND
Superchunk "___ On" IRON
Supersuckers "Tasty ___" GREENS
Suzanne Vega "Frank and ___" AVA
Tal Bachman "___ High" SHESSO
The Badlees "___ Hill" ORE
The Shins "___ Needles" SPLIT
Tom Petty "And if she had to ___ ... " DIE
Tom Petty "___ Fly" LEARNINGTO
What fan does to band's club MAILS
What interviewer does ASKS
What Madonna tied w/Sean Penn KNOT
What you take at Berklee COURSE
Where hard partier might spend a month REHAB