Rock and Roll - Oct 27 2013

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Clues Answers
"Candle in the Wind" John ELTON
"From the Beginning" band (abbr.) ELP
"Losing ___" Avril Lavigne GRIP
"Mechanical Resonance" band TESLA
"R.O.C.K. in the ___" USA
"Taxi" Harry CHAPIN
"Tender Love" Force ___ MDS
"Wouldn't It Be Good" Kershaw NIK
'60s soul musician Joe TEX
'70s rock band that used cellos ELO
'96 Screaming Trees album DUST
63-Across song "___ Your Lovin'" NEED
Alicia Keys "No One" album ASIAM
Ambient music pioneer Brian ENO
Band of Horses "Wicked ___" GIL
Bon Jovi "Living in ___" SIN
Canadian award GENIE
Cee Lo "___ Metal" SCRAP
Certain percussionist XYLOPHONIST
Chuck Berry "___ 66" ROUTE
Colby Yates "Right ___ of Renegade" AMOUNT
Dark Funeral "The Secrets of the Black ___" ARTS
Demonic U.K. thrash band? EVILE
Diamond/Streisand "You ___ Bring Me Flowers" DONT
Eminem hit feat. Dido STAN
Fiona Apple song about dead flesh? CARRION
Genre of music RAP
Goth demeanor GLOOMY
Guides MOLDS
Indie band The Pains of Being ___ PUREATHEART
John Frusciante & Josh Klinghoffer song about a ball? SPHERE
Karmin "Broken ___" HEARTED
Killers song from above? ONTOP
Kinchla of Blues Traveler CHAN
Like modified instrument CUSTOM
Like shock rocker CRUDE
Madonna "Love ___" SPENT
Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell "The ___ Song" ONION
Clues Answers
Mary J. Blige "Take Me ___ Am" ASI
Minutemen label SST
Musician asset, slang EAR
Neil Diamond "Glory ___" ROAD
Neil Diamond "When You Wish Upon ___" ASTAR
Neil Diamond "___ in a While" ONCE
Neil Diamond lyric "And counting on ___ later" SOONEROR
New Found Glory "Such ___" AMESS
No ___ for a Name USE
On-tour baby watcher NANNY
One Direction "Tell Me ___" ALIE
Paul Simon "You Can Call ___" MEAL
Phish "Bouncing ___" AROUNDTHEROOM
Re-press an album REPRINT
Rockers work to build this egg NEST
Sedgwick Velvet Underground's "Femme Fatale" is about EDIE
See 33-Across RUNDGREN
She made Neil Diamond sing like a guitar hummin' CRACKLINROSIE
Ska punkers Operation ___ IVY
Sonic Syndicate "___ Fire" EDEN
Story of the Year "Won Threw ___" ATE
Supremes "___ Symphony" IHEARA
The head you head to, in English pub LOO
The Stooges Asheton RON
The Trash___ Sinatras CAN
Time period of one's taste PHASE
Tokio ___ HOTEL
Tortoise album that exploded? TNT
Train singer Monahan PAT
Type of album for show CAST
U.K. band that likes sweatshirts? HOOD
Utopia frontman, with 25-Down TODD
What "Lightning" does at a Live show? CRASHES
What Pavement might do before they enchant? SLANT
Whiskeytown's Ryan ADAMS
Who "Guitar and ___" PEN
Woody Guthrie's son ARLO
Zoo animal Roger Waters "Broke Free"? TIGER