Boston Globe - Aug 10 2008

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Clues Answers
'Cowboy Bebop' genre ANIME
'Gunsmoke' star ARNESS
'Pal Joey' writer John OHARA
A Boone in baseball BRET
A Japanese beer KIRIN
Acting Singer LORI
Alan of 'The Aviator' ALDA
Allied oneself SIDED
Anglican priest RECTOR
Barbary ape, e.g. MACAQUE
Base for some Iraq contractors BAGHDADHOTEL
Bee Gees cognomen GIBBS
Botanist’s specialty FLORA
Brightly banded butterfly REDADMIRAL
Bulb for cooking ONION
Buttonlike bloom TANSY
Caustic liquid LYE
Cheeses for salads FETAS
CNN competitor MSNBC
Coat, as with gems ENCRUST
Contracted SHRANK
Conveyed, as land DEEDED
Cook in liquid BRAISE
Course obstacle TEST
Cub Scout groups DENS
Cut application IODINE
Declared as a judge RULED
Deposited PAIDIN
Did as bid OBEYED
Distributed DOLED
Dog in 'Garfield' ODIE
Drives recklessly CAREENS
Feed the kitty ANTE
Feng __ SHUI
Film critic Pauline KAEL
Flew alone SOLOED
Former reliever Robb NEN
Friend in France AMI
Funny bit GAG
Game for cagers HORSE
Get worn out TIRE
Ginger ale brand CANADADRY
Good garden soil LOAM
Green gemstones JADES
Guerre’s opposite PAIX
Had ambitions ASPIRED
Himalayan peak NANDADEVI
Hospital copter MEDEVAC
How funds may be held INTRUST
Ice cream eponym EDY
Icelandic epics EDDAS
Ignore SKIP
In no hurry PATIENT
Insomniac’s bane DRIP
Intrepid spirit SPUNK
Is worthy of RATES
Japanese dog breed AKITA
Jittery ONEDGE
Joel Coen’s brother ETHAN
Kareem, originally LEW
Kept like resumes ONFILE
Killer whale ORCA
Krasner who painted LEE
Late in the wk. THUR
Leave as a lover JILT
Let customers in OPEN
Like Easter eggs DYED
Little lumps NUBS
Clues Answers
Machu Picchu’s land PERU
Makes a home DWELLS
Making tracks SKEDADDLING
Miami area, informally DADECOUNTY
Midler or Davis BETTE
Moon-related LUNAR
Muse of astronomy URANIA
Neatened TIDIED
Nest on a cliff AERIE
Nikola Tesla, et al. SERBS
Not miss __ ABEAT
Not warranted UNDUE
Notion IDEA
Nuisance PAIN
Off the mark ERRANT
Old metal utensils TINWARE
Olympian, maybe ATHLETE
On the go ACTIVE
Pac-10 sch. UCLA
Pavlovian production SALIVA
Perplexed ASEA
Physicist Heisenberg WERNER
Pinocchio, at times LIAR
Pitcher HURLER
Point after deuce ADIN
Pop single of 1963 DADOORONRON
Poses the question ASKS
Potential RBI ONEON
Precise EXACT
Rapper Tone-__ LOC
Rendezvous TRYST
Role for Madonna EVITA
Roquefort ripeners FUNGI
Route through Fargo USTEN
Secretly follow SHADOW
Sent secondarily CCED
Sette + uno OTTO
Shed a coat MOLT
Silly goose NINNY
Singer DiFranco ANI
Sphinx bester OEDIPUS
Steel girder IBEAM
Stereo unit PHONO
Supple LITHE
Supplements ADDENDA
Swordfish cousin MARLIN
Talk show celeb OPRAH
Tappan __ Bridge ZEE
Tic-tac-toe winner OOO
Tighter in fit SNUGGER
Toon skunk Le Pew PEPE
Tread leaver SOLE
Trumpeter Herb ALPERT
Twin of Jacob ESAU
Use cusswords SWEAR
V.S. Naipaul, e.g. TRINIDADIAN
Very start GETGO
Virgin cocktail NADADAIQUIRI
Waits for a catch TAGSUP
Washington player NAT
Wish undone RUE
Wood-shaping tool ADZE
Words worth heeding SOUNDADVICE
“Dig in!” EAT
“So I see” AHYES
“Spare me!” SAVEIT
“Whip It” band DEVO
“__ you loud and clear” IREAD