New York Times - Aug 10 2008

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Clues Answers
'Generations of healthy, happy pets' sloganeer ALPO
'Great' guy GATSBY
'Holy smokes!' ZOWIE
'N.Y. State of Mind' rapper NAS
'Once ___ midnight dreary ...' UPONA
'Vissi d'arte' singer TOSCA
'Watermark' vocalist ENYA
'___ She Lovely' ISNT
1967 pop sensation, with 'the' MONKEES
Active leader? PRO
Activity in which people get their kicks SOCCER
Aggressively promote FLOG
And others, in a list ETAL
Anna of 'X-Men' PAQUIN
Assist in evil ABET
Athos's arm MUSKET
Banjo supporter KNEE
Barbecue order RIBS
Beersheba's desert NEGEV
Betray, in a way RATON
Big name in baked beans VANCAMP
Black-and-white broadcast? APB
Brashares who wrote 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' ANN
Breakfast spot, briefly HOJO
Brightly colored fish OPAH
Butterfly relative CRAWL
Call letters on 1970s-'80s TV WKRP
Cereal killer ERGOT
Certain people buried in Westminster Abbey POETS
Chance to play TURN
Charon's workplace STYX
Chic, in the '60s MOD
Choir supports RISERS
Chopsticks eschewers, informally FORKERS
Cicero or Publius SENATOR
Command ctrs. HQS
Conductors' aids MUSICRACKS
Couple TWO
Couple ITEM
Cries of agony YOWS
Curl performer BICEP
Cut made by a saw KERF
Dampish MOIST
Declaration of August 14, 1941 ATLANTICCHARTER
Divine epithet CREATOR
Earsplitting OVERLOUD
Egg source HEN
Emulates a reporter ASKS
Europe's longest river VOLGA
Exchanged vows IDOS
Executive's extra PERK
Explodes BURSTS
Filled out GREW
Former shah ___ Pahlavi REZA
Gets better HEALS
Gilberto's partner on 'The Girl From Ipanema,' 1964 GETZ
Gilpin of 'Frasier' PERI
Grant-giving org. NEA
He played 2,130 consecutive games GEHRIG
High-school gym feature EQUIPMENTLOCKER
Hissy fit TANTRUM
Humans, e.g. SIMIANS
Ignore, as a problem SWEEPUNDERTHERUG
Infamous 1999 computer virus with a woman's name MELISSA
International baseball powerhouse CUBA
Jason of 'American Pie' BIGGS
Clues Answers
Joule division ERG
Knocker's request LETMEIN
Kona keepsake LEI
Light shade AQUA
Like a butterfingers INEPT
Los ___ ALAMOS
Marmalade ingredients QUINCES
Middle of summer? EMS
More aloof ICIER
Mr. Potato Head features NOSES
Musician's gift EAR
Nail site TOE
Natty dresser FOP
Neighbor of a Georgian TURK
Neighbor of Oakland ALAMEDA
Not burdened by FREEFROM
Not live TAPED
NuGrape competitor NEHI
Off-road wheels, for short ATV
Old Venetian officials DOGES
On a par with EQUALTO
One of an old film trio SHEMP
Ontario, par exemple LAC
Paleontologist's discovery JAW
Part of some three-day weekends: Abbr. FRI
Pastry shop treat ECLAIR
People who no what they like? PURITANS
Pet cat, in British lingo MOG
Place with an eagle's-eye view AERIE
Promising ROSY
Put the pedal to the metal RACE
Quick expression of gratitude THX
Rachel Carson's sci. ECOL
Raspberries JEERS
Rather inclined STEEP
Razor handle? OCCAM
Record list ARRESTS
Ringo's drummer son ZAK
Rock's ___ Folds Five BEN
Self-titled album of 1980 ARETHA
Single malt, for instance WHISKEY
Small songbird TIT
Soda shop order FRAPPE
Someone who just got out of a long bath, facetiously PRUNE
St. Peter, e.g.? GATEMAN
Sticking point CRAW
Sticks (out) JUTS
Stop: Abbr. STA
Styled DIDUP
Subject of a Keats ode URN
Superman's father JOREL
Takes, with 'for' OPTS
Target, with 'on' HOMEIN
Temperaments NATURES
The Desi of Desilu ARNAZ
The very beginning YEARONE
The ___ Band, with guitarist Little Steven ESTREET
Their business is going downhill SKIERS
They may be revolutionary WARS
Turn aside AVERT
Unilever detergent ALL
Vespasian's successor TITUS
Viva-voce vote NAY
Wears out the carpet? PACES
Woes, to a Yiddish speaker TSURIS
Yossarian's tentmate, in 'Catch-22' ORR
Zine MAG