Universal - Aug 9 2008

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Clues Answers
''Didn't I tell you?'' SEE
''Don't overdo it'' EASY
''In God We ___'' TRUST
''___ Gotta Be Me'' IVE
About 30 percent of the earth's surface LAND
Agricultural pest APHID
Applesauce maker's waste CORES
Ball-shaped cheese EDAM
Ballet bends PLIES
Bass, treble or C CLEF
Behaves like a brat ACTSUP
Bit of a whirl EDDY
Blood flow blockage CLOT
Bookselling partner of Barnes NOBLE
Byron's ''___ Harold's Pilgrimage'' CHILDE
Chances of success ODDS
Characters in a popular computer game SIMS
City in Utah OGDEN
Class closing? ESSES
Confront ACCOST
County below Broward, informally DADE
Court figure Ivan LENDL
Cutting remark BARB
Devilkins IMPS
Eye-catching haircut MOHAWK
Femme's mate MARI
Garlic piece CLOVE
Half a snicker HEE
Hindu sacred text VEDA
Jolly Roger's image SKULL
Lake ___ Vista, Fla. BUENA
Long and lean LANK
Look without buying BROWSE
Manhattan Project product ABOMB
Clues Answers
Monastery man ABBOT
Mule's sire ASS
Needing Clearasil ACNED
Not a perfect circle OVAL
Palmer of ''The Boys From Brazil'' LILLI
Peggy Lee hit FEVER
Period of prosperity BOOM
Plane maneuver DESCENT
Pool sites MOTELS
Popular name in Norway OLAV
Prefix with ''glycemic'' HYPO
Queen's residence HIVE
Refuse to face EVADE
Ripe for drafting ONEA
Run-through TEST
Sawing logs ASLEEP
Scarlett was one BELLE
Signs off on OKS
Slide over a white blanket SLED
Something wordless to read OMEN
Strong of body and mind ABLE
Surfeit CLOY
The hero usually triumphs in the final one REEL
Thus far YET
Time-saver with locks CANAL
Toy that goes around the world YOYO
Twice as spooky EERIER
Twist in order to see better CRANE
Unit of grass BLADE
Unwakable state COMA
Up there in years OLD
Voice in a chorus ALTO
Wartime supporter ALLY
Western challenge DRAW
What to do when you see red STOP
Whiting or haddock CODS
With a clean slate ANEW
x, mathwise TIMES