The Washington Post - Oct 26 2016

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Clues Answers
'Don't have ___!' (Bart Simpson expression) ACOW
'Gunsmoke' marshal's sticky wicket? DILLONPICKLE
'Jeepers!' GOSH
'Ta-ta,' in Torino CIAO
'You betcha!' SURE
'___ Boot' (1981 war movie) DAS
1977 George Burns/John Denver comedy OHGOD
43,560 square feet ACRE
Animated ALIVE
Apple aficionada of myth EVE
At the summit of ATOP
Bentsen who told Dan Quayle he was 'no Jack Kennedy' LLOYD
Bush-whacked 2000 candidate GORE
Comes out ahead TRIUMPHS
Communication form that has dealt a blow to the stationery industry EMAIL
Corner sitter DUNCE
Costume TOGS
Creature on the Australian coat of arms EMU
Customer trying to get the barkeep's attention? FLAGONWAVER
Desktop picture ICON
Diamond Head's island OAHU
Erratic UNEVEN
Force out EXPEL
Golden Rule preposition UNTO
Greek ending OMEGA
Gun lovers' lobby (abbr.) NRA
Handling the matter ONIT
Harp relative LYRE
Honors, in a way FETES
Hot rod rod AXLE
Indian-born actor who played Mowgli in 1942's 'Jungle Book' SABU
It's laid down by authority figures LAW
Jean-___ Picard ('Star Trek: TNG' captain) LUC
Large number SLEW
Layer with feathers HEN
Lumberjacks' tools AXES
Makes a boo-boo GOOFS
Meets, at the poker table SEES
Meter minder? POET
Clues Answers
Mischievous fairy PIXIE
Morning moisture DEW
Moved just a little BUDGED
Nano or Shuffle brand IPOD
New York City mayor who became a television judge KOCH
Nits, all grown up LICE
Nuclear Nobelist Niels BOHR
Ozawa-Calder collaboration? BATONMOBILE
Pac-12's Bruins UCLA
Paradisiacal place EDEN
Pertaining to a part of the intestine ILEAL
Polish partner SPIT
Prefix with phone or bucks MEGA
Puts a sale sticker on, perhaps RETAGS
Resided DWELT
Safety feature that eases a child's transition from a crib BEDRAIL
Sanskrit teacher GURU
Scent, to an oenophile NOSE
Shangri-la UTOPIA
Sixth sense (abbr.) ESP
Smooth-talking GLIB
Some Native Americans of the Midwest OTOE
Soup scoop LADLE
Spirit brighteners on holiday bobtails BELLS
Sports contest where the mounts have fiery breath? DRAGONRACING
Star that's close to Venus? SERENA
Start of a gossip's announcement IHEAR
The hairier of Isaac's sons ESAU
There's no I in it, according to the coach TEAM
Took too much, briefly ODED
Touch down LAND
Turns the cube, in backgammon DOUBLES
Underwater forest flora KELP
Unwilling to listen, metaphorically DEAF
Used the turn blinker SIGNALED
Watson's creator IBM
When repeated, a South Seas island BORA
Writer with plenty of morals AESOP