The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,697 - Oct 26 2016

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Clues Answers
Act as a friend and place undergarment over uncovered belly, that'll prevent sunburn BEACHUMBRELLA
Allow rises in stake as a recent thing LATELY
Anything Goes put on in Japanese theatre captivates poet NOHOLDSBARRED
Attack, losing head in old-timers' drinking bout ASSAIL
Cast out random syllables SCAT
Chinese captured by US soldier supporting a fellow Asian AFGHANI
Colourful element in church, Catholic one CHROME
Congratulations left to victor at the end of intricate puzzle MAZELTOV
Desperately seek a man, e.g. one from Five Guys Named Moe? NAMESAKE
Did project recalling some of last words after Julius (the lead character) died JUTTED
Doctor aiding actions abroad DIAGNOSTICIAN
Examine clubs in ruined sites journalist's avoided after bombing SCRUTINISE
Former object of worship hurt after rejection EROS
He's a kind, playful youth with not much up top? SKINHEAD
Clues Answers
Increase power when crossing river in this direction? UPSTREAM
Leader's wrestling holds before SUPREMO
Major, abandoning queen, was a turncoat? Flipping nonsense TARADIDDLE
One tampering with report on successful athlete? MEDDLER
Part of former band's vague INEXACT
Poor Melody, where d'you disappear to? THINAIR
Programme on computer arranging cabs when raining outside WEBCAST
Put together broadcast -- broadcast news broadcast SEWN
Relatively courteous Pope's hesitant expression URBANER
Rubbish coal fire, failing to start, produces small amount of heat CALORIE
Spoken for, a lover hides ORAL
Tending to prove reckless, dive in late EVIDENTIAL
This person's acquiring beans, doing as Jack did with magic ones? IMPULSEBUYING
Young bird, showy and argumentative SQUABBLING