USA Today - Oct 25 2016

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Clues Answers
"Fiddlesticks!" DRAT
"Great" detective of kid-lit NATE
"Losing My Religion" band REM
"Mine!" on a schoolyard DIBS
"Not a chance" NAH
"Slung" aspersions MUD
"___ World" ("SNL" sketch) WAYNES
53-Across payment RENT
A Bobbsey twin NAN
Airline with no Sabbath flights ELAL
Artist Warhol ANDY
Bacterial infection, for short STAPH
Beatnik's "Gotcha" IDIG
Blunt-tipped sword EPEE
Busy insect BEE
Carry-on, e.g BAG
Charged toward RANAT
City on the Aire LEEDS
Competitive, as personalities go TYPEA
Composer Previn ANDRE
Contract for a flat LEASE
Cue ball's bounce CAROM
D.C. fundraiser PAC
Does a roadie's pre-gig chore LOADSIN
Draft selection? ALE
Dumb cluck IDIOT
Eavesdropping distance EARSHOT
Edd of "77 Sunset Strip" BYRNES
Former Prizm nameplate GEO
Garfield's drooling pal ODIE
Give in to gravity SAG
Golfer Ernie ELS
Grain depository SILO
Head infestation LICE
Homecoming visitors, for short ALUMS
Indigestion relief BICARBONATE
Jaguar or Impala CAR
Japanese coin YEN
Clues Answers
Jesse of the 1936 Olympics OWENS
Kewpie and kachina DOLLS
Lagasse of the Food Network EMERIL
Like some teas and shampoos HERBAL
Lingerie item BRA
Look toward FACE
Materials for overalls DENIMS
Meet with the 32-Down REUNE
More exact STRICTER
More run-down SEEDIER
Musical with the song "Tomorrow" ANNIE
Often-unidentified people in photos BYSTANDERS
Old Western Union delivery TELEGRAM
Path with a perigee ORBIT
Public row SCENE
Purchase with plastic BUYONCREDIT
Purple bloom LILAC
Put a stop to END
Rawlings product MITT
Realm of the god Helios SUN
Reply to "That so?" ITIS
Roger with seven Wimbledon wins FEDERER
Sandberg in Cooperstown RYNE
Santa ___ Park (racetrack) ANITA
Scott Joplin's genre RAGTIME
SFO guesses ETAS
Shapeless mass GOB
Some Marine NCOs MSGTS
Sports award CUP
Squirrels' stashes ACORNS
Suffix with human or fact OID
Tidies up NEATENS
Trendy "Get lost!" BYEFELICIA
Unlikely to splurge THRIFTY
Webmaster's creation SITE
Woody thicket COPSE
___-do-well NEER