New York Times - Oct 23 2016

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Clues Answers
'Me Talk Pretty One Day' humorist SEDARIS
'Skyfall' singer ADELE
'That was dumb of me' OOPS
'Thinking ...' HMM
'Thinking ...' LETMESEE
'Um ... fancy meeting you here' OHHI
'What have we here?!' OHO
'___ Flux' (Charlize Theron film) AEON
Abbr. in many Québec city names STE
Abbr. on a company's sign ESTD
Antidote CURE
Application datum: Abbr SSN
Badly ILL
Balance sheet abbr YTD
Bank clock info TEMP
Be plentiful ABOUND
Big Apple paper, for short NYT
Blinker EYE
British ___ ISLES
Bull session GABFEST
Buy-one-get-one-free deal TWOFER
Caffè ___ ITALIANO
Castor ___ ('Popeye' guy) OYL
Cataract FALLS
Catch NAB
Cause for a blessing ACHOO
Certain swinger, informally ORANG
Charlotte ___, V.I AMALIE
Clean energy grp EPA
Clothier Bauer EDDIE
Clueless ATSEA
Coat for a dentist ENAMEL
Commercial prefix with Pen EPI
Competitor of Sapporo and Kirin ASAHI
Conditionals IFS
Crabgrass, e.g ANNUAL
Cry annoyingly SNIVEL
Debate moderator's day job, typically ANCHOR
Debugger FLEADIP
Dreidel, e.g TOP
Early British actress Nell GWYN
Exerted PLIED
Fashions SHAPES
Female W.W. II enlistee WASP
Fired bullets, informally HOTLEAD
Floor-length formalwear OPERACOATS
Food preservative abbr BHT
Friday, on old TV: Abbr SGT
Front and back, at a golf course NINES
Gerrymanders, say REDRAWS
Guarantee that one will VOWTO
H. H. Munro's pen name SAKI
High point of a European vacation? ALP
House member from the Bay Area beginning in 1987 PELOSI
Humbled ABASED
Impersonate POSEAS
In conflict AFOUL
In low spirits BROKENUP
Increasing in pitch STEEPER
Informal acknowledgment of responsibility SUREDID
International observance in 20-Down, informally UNDAY
John Paul's successor ELENA
Kind of branch OLIVE
Leon ___, Henry James biographer EDEL
Letters ending a business name LLC
Like quiche EGGY
Louis Armstrong vocal feature RASP
Clues Answers
Luminous AGLOW
Lynn in the Pro Football Hall of Fame SWANN
Man's name that's the reverse of 117-Down IRA
Man's name that's the reverse of 66-Down ARI
Many a Jazz fan UTAHN
Melodramatic response SOB
Mother-of-pearl source ABALONE
Mount of Greek myth OSSA
Mushroom variety ENOKI
N.Y.C. div BOR
Neck and neck CLOSE
Obsessed with fantasy role-playing games, say GEEKY
Old line in Russia TSARS
Olympics venue between London and Tokyo RIO
One who can pick his work? MINER
Over the 104-Across INSEVENTHHEAVEN
Over the 27-Across NOSPRINGCHICKEN
Over the 62-Across BEYONDBELIEF
Parisian sibling FRERE
Places for studs LOBES
Playful leap CAPER
Political columnist Matt BAI
Portland-to-Spokane dir ENE
Potus #34 DDE
Preserver of bugs RESIN
Prestigious mil. award DSM
Print tint SEPIA
Put on the back burner TABLE
Quite the hike TREK
R.E.M.'s 'The ___ Love' ONEI
Reagan has one named for him ERA
Ringing words? IDO
Sculpture medium for Calder WIRE
See 102-Across EAR
Selfish sort HOG
Sighed line ALAS
Signature Obama legislation, for short ACA
Silly billy GOOF
Single-masted pleasure craft CATBOATS
Situated INPLACE
Sky light MOON
Small swigs NIPS
Some P.O. plans RTES
Some subjects in Scheherazade's stories ARABS
Spanish bear OSO
Start of the fourth qtr OCT
Stick ___ ITTO
Sweets BABE
Take on ADOPT
Target customer of Yelp STOREOWNER
Thin as ___ ARAIL
Title fictional character who 'sprang from his Platonic conception of himself' GATSBY
Twain's 'celebrated jumping frog' DANL
Under the 105-Across ATTHELASTMINUTE
Under the 29-Across FACINGADEADLINE
Under the 67-Across ONTHEDOWNLOW
University of Washington logo CAPITALW
Verizon subsidiary AOL
What 'i.e.' means THATIS
With 109-Down, cochlea's place INNER
Woodworking fasteners TNUTS
Words preceding 'We stand on guard for thee' OCANADA
[Look what I got away with!] HEEHEE
[snort] HAH
___ dish PETRI
___ too happy NONE
___ Victory (tourist attraction in Portsmouth, England) HMS