The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,693 - Oct 19 2016

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Clues Answers
Article in German inspired by this spider? REDBACK
Commend item for phone linked to travel APPROVE
Contributor to luncheon -- a chop or a chip NACHO
Decline involving water power? It's not really an emergency FALSEALARM
Dogged policeman letting second go free UNTIE
Eager to promote new joint KNEE
Former leader in the main returning aboard old chariot? CAESAR
Has cash register for sale? It's not shifting STOCKSTILL
Hear about old sad story TRAGEDY
Ill-famed hunter almost caught by them? NOTORIOUS
It has end twirling to snare a steer's rear? LARIAT
Kitchen worker not fully integrated into work routine in Kent town ROCHESTER
Literary lion: poet, ultimately using oblique style? ASLANT
Long story, a thing to put you to sleep, on reflection SAGA
Clues Answers
Murder spy boss over feature of game? DOMINO
No nurse will release name of famous person? NOTED
No opening for direct playing by top-ranked performer RECITALIST
Novel backstage supremo? LORDOFTHEFLIES
Planner is following version of target set in stone STRATEGIST
Point securing second in competition CUSP
Portion of vegetarian diet? I for one will derive sustenance NUTRITION
Religious leader? Archbishop of Canterbury, say, covers it ultimately PETER
Shipping area that's not included in Scottish TV? ENGLISHCHANNEL
Vaguely monitor delay (about a year) in parliamentary process EARLYDAYMOTION
Waves certainly moving trailing character on? SURF
Ways artillerymen will make revolution in weaponry ARSENAL
Where a valley gets filled with one -- Switzerland? AVALANCHE
Working first with a current University to provide support services INFRASTRUCTURE