Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 26 2016

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Clues Answers
' Rhythm' IGOT
'Jumbo shrimp,' for one OXYMORON
'Othello' villain IAGO
'Son of !' AGUN
'Three Sisters' sister OLGA
50-and-over org AARP
Actress Perlman RHEA
African antelope ORYX
Atkins diet no-no CARB
Badly lit DIM
Batting practice area CAGE
Bigfoot's cousin YETI
Bramble fruit BERRY
Carnival city RIO
Cato's 21 XXI
Charged particle ELECTRON
Charon's river STYX
Chopper AXE
Commotion ADO
Copper head? ABE
Danger PERIL
During AMID
Even so YET
Expels OUSTS
Flair ELAN
Former mates EXES
Fridge forerunner ICEBOX
Genuine ACTUAL
Highland hat TAM
Hotel chain OMNI
Ill will MALICE
Clues Answers
In shape FIT
Jittery EDGY
Kan. neighbor NEB
Lairs DENS
Lariat ROPE
Like sashimi RAW
Long lunch? HERO
Love, Italian-style AMORE
Man-mouse link ORA
Mauna KEA
Miami team, with 'The' HEAT
Narc's org DEA
New Deal pres FDR
Officer COP
Olympic gymnast Biles SIMONE
Patella site KNEE
Praise in verse ODE
Raton BOCA
Ready for harvest RIPE
Root (for) CHEER
Rye buy LOAF
Sandy's owner ANNIE
Smile broadly BEAM
Snaky fish EEL
Snoopy's foe REDBARON
Spider's creation WEB
Sportscaster Collinsworth CRIS
Termini ENDS
The Red Planet MARS
Times Sq. force NYPD
To and FRO
Uppity sort SNOB
Witch's pot CAULDRON