Irish Times (Simplex) - Oct 15 2016

Clues Answers
All the colours of the rainbow SPECTRUM
Cardinal compass point NORTH
Carrier for bricks HOD
Cause alarm FRIGHTEN
Channel to carry away rainwater GUTTER
Cor! what a fabulous bird ROC
Don't take the rubbish REFUSE
Epistle, missive LETTER
Fleet of armed ships ARMADA
Formed an opinion beforehand without sufficient evidence PREJUDGED
Garden tools and card suit SPADES
Heavenly messenger ANGEL
Hesitant, cautious TENTATIVE
It forms the core of a tune MELODY
It's said to be its own reward VIRTUE
Large areas of land or small pamphlets TRACTS
Legal possessor OWNER
Clues Answers
Make smaller REDUCE
Might cab drop us off at the storage furniture pieces? CUPBOARDS
Mock attacks, in fencing say FEINTS
Musical speed TEMPO
One is held under guard, for political reasons perhaps DETAINEE
Organisation of employees UNION
Physical power STRENGTH
Piece of writing, of an official nature perhaps DOCUMENT
Place of Hindu retreat ASHRAM
Protects against weather or danger SHELTERS
Questionable DOUBTFUL
Response to a stimulus REACTION
Self-respecting or self-important PROUD
Suitable or appropriate APT
Take what's offered ACCEPT
Thick twisted rope CABLE
Toward the stern AFT
Visitor to whom hospitality is extended GUEST