New York Times - Oct 11 2016

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Clues Answers
'Duty, ___, Country' (West Point motto) HONOR
'God does not play ___ with the world': Einstein DICE
'Holy moly!' GEEZ
'Oh, ___!' ('Good one, girlfriend!') SNAP
'The Family Circus' creator Bil KEANE
'This is disastrous!' OHNO
'Woe is me' ALAS
'You make a good point' TRUE
A ton, in Tijuana MUCHO
Appearance MIEN
Aries animals RAMS
Biggest city on the Big Island HILO
Bill ___, the Science Guy NYE
Breckinridge of fiction MYRA
Briefs from Walmart or Target? CHAINSUNDERWEAR
Capri or Man ISLE
Cloth made famous by infomercials SHAMWOW
Cotton fabric MUSLIN
Cowboy singer Gene AUTRY
Dog's yap ARF
E.R. staffers RNS
Eatery with sidewalk tables, often CAFE
Escape (from) FLEE
Everybody ALL
Fa follower SOL
Fancy affair GALA
Flying circus performer? FLEA
From square one ANEW
From Zurich, e.g SWISS
Ginormous number ZILLION
Glamour rival ELLE
Go to the mall SHOP
God who sounds like he was mentioned in the preceding clue ARES
Golfer's target HOLE
Growth on the forest floor MOSS
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Hershey bar with toffee SKOR
Innocent's reply to 'Who did this?' NOTME
Clues Answers
It gives a little hoot OWLET
Item on many a bathroom floor SCALE
Japanese auto import ISUZU
Latte alternatives MOCHAS
Lead-in for prof. or V.P ASST
Length x width, for a rectangle AREA
Like morning grass DEWY
Like three NASA rovers LUNAR
Lima's home OHIO
Lima's home PERU
Not fooled by ONTO
Octagonal sign STOP
Pal of Piglet and Pooh ROO
Pep squad member's lament? IMOUTOFCHEER
PowerPoint slide with fake data? ARTIFICIALCHART
Pressing business? WINERY
Primordial muck OOZE
Products featuring Siri IPHONES
Rag covered in dirt? TABLOID
Rain really hard POUR
Reference page edited by a group WIKI
Restaurant basketful ROLLS
Rock's ___ Fighters FOO
School about 40 miles from S.L.C BYU
Seller of the Söderhamn sofa IKEA
Sliced serving with ritzy crackers? CHEESESOFINE
Something a thoughtful person strokes CHIN
Square UNHIP
Stand in the shadows LURK
Steep rock face CRAG
Stir-fry vessel WOK
Store sign OPEN
Successfully treat CURE
Supposed sighting in Tibet YETI
Unknown source, informally ANON
What may keep a mohawk in place HAIRGEL
When nothing seems to go right OFFDAY
___ sack SAD
___ Sam UNCLE