USA Today - Oct 9 2016

Clues Answers
". . . ___ and not heard" SEEN
"Paper or plastic?" item BAG
1/1 song title word SYNE
1942 Rita Hayworth musical MYGALSAL
Abysmal grade ZERO
Al-___ (support group) ANON
Alphabet ender, in Britain ZED
Axis member ITALY
Bad news in the metals market? ZINCTOANEWLOW
Baseball's "Georgia Peach" COBB
Beastly sort OGRE
Beer bust buys KEGS
Bite-sized pies TARTS
Blast furnace input ORE
Business magnate BARON
Caesarean rebuke ETTU
Cat's-eye or aggie MARBLE
Cerebral spark IDEA
Chamber music reed OBOE
Coffee-to-go need LID
Convention stick-ons NAMETAGS
Court figures, for short DAS
Desktop debut of 1981 IBMPC
Draft selection ALE
Drain-clearing chemical LYE
Dreads sporter, perhaps RASTA
Garden statuette GNOME
Gladden to the max ELATE
Grab, with "onto" GLOM
Haunted house sound MOAN
Having the skill ABLE
Hoses down WETS
In a tizzy AGOG
Jerry's partner in ice cream BEN
Lamarr of "Samson and Delilah" HEDY
Lewis who voiced Lamb Chop SHARI
Like Whitman's Sampler chocolates ASSORTED
London john LOO
Clues Answers
London Magazine essayist ELIA
Low-fat, as milk SKIM
Made public AIRED
Moving ahead ONWARD
Nary a soul NOONE
Nasty bit of correspondence? ZINGINGTELEGRAM
Nat ___Wild (cable channel) GEO
Nile queen, for short CLEO
Not as strict LOOSER
Not quite boiling, in the kitchen ONSIMMER
OB-___ (baby doc) GYN
Ocean State sch URI
One facing deportation, maybe ALIEN
One on a pedestal IDOL
Out-of-focus image BLUR
Paris-area hub ORLY
Pisa's river ARNO
Plain speaking CANDOR
Prefix meaning "billionth" NANO
Proper or common word NOUN
Quite a sight EYEFUL
Renaissance Faire weapon LANCE
Resume padder, e.g LIAR
Reveal, poetically OPE
Roughly speaking ORSO
Smelter waste DROSS
Some cheese coverings RINDS
Surface measure AREA
The gamut ATOZ
Three-time Clooney role Danny ___ OCEAN
Toast topper JAM
Transplant recipient DONEE
Troupe member ACTOR
Voice an objection DEMUR
Voice below soprano, for short MEZZO
Warrior with a lightsaber JEDI
Where animals cast aspersions on one another? ZOOFORSLANDER
___ Sea (Corfu's locale) IONIAN