L.A. Times Daily - Oct 9 2016

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely!" YESSIREE
"Dilbert" intern ASOK
"Ditto!" SODOI
"High waving heather __ stormy blasts bending": Emily Brontë NEATH
"No problem" OKBYME
"No problem" EASY
"Odds __ ... " ARE
"Symphony in Black" artist ERTE
"The Simpsons" bus driver OTTO
"__ baby ... " ROCKABYE
1949 Crosby film set in Ireland TOPOTHEMORNING
2001 boxing biopic ALI
6-pt. scores TDS
Abbr. for old dates BCE
Adds value to ENHANCES
Apiece EACH
Back on the ocean STERN
Baltimore's __ Harbor INNER
Band heads LEADERS
Bernadette et al.: Abbr STES
Big name in sporting goods VOIT
Bird: Pref AVI
Bit by bit SLOWLY
Bit of work ERG
Breakfast order CHEESEOMELETTE
Burned in a thurible CENSED
Byron's "__ Walks in Beauty" SHE
Champagne word SEC
Characterized by PRONETO
College __ TOWN
Conversant with UPON
Court tie DEUCE
Data-uploading letters FTP
Delete ERASE
Directed LED
Dish requiring special utensils ESCARGOT
Drag, e.g RACE
Easter decorating supply DYE
Energy output EFFORT
F1 neighbor on PCs ESC
Facebook feature TIMELINE
Fallen space station MIR
Fan of Pat and Vanna, familiarly WHEELWATCHER
First name in dance TWYLA
Foppish neckwear ASCOT
Friendly front? ECO
Fruity pastry shop purchase APPLETURNOVER
Gaelic tongue ERSE
Garage event SALE
Hawaiian coffee district KONA
Hymnal that's often richly illustrated PSALTER
Illusions in an act MAGIC
Impulse URGE
Italian coastal city PISA
JFK, e.g DEM
Jr. and sr YRS
Kitchen gadget PEELER
Kugel ingredient POTATO
Least seasoned GREENEST
Letters in the sand? SOS
Loft filler HAY
Louisiana cuisine CREOLE
M, on many forms MALE
Many a senior TEEN
Massachusetts cape ANN
Medusa's hair, after Athena got done with it SERPENTS
Middle of Christmas? ESS
Clues Answers
Most skeptical LEERIEST
Mount named for a friend of George Vancouver STHELENS
Newspaper ad, commonly INSERT
NFL lineman-turned-actor Alex KARRAS
Nose (around) POKE
Not quite a ringer LEANER
On the safer side ALEE
Ones not at home on the range CITYSLICKERS
Opera that premiered in Cairo in 1871 AIDA
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Pity-evoking quality PATHOS
Portend BODE
Powder first marketed as Hudson's Soap RINSO
Questel who voiced Betty Boop MAE
Rap (with) CHAT
Rap sheet routines: Abbr MOS
Rap's Dr. __ DRE
Rapper __ Shakur TUPAC
Rating unit STAR
Reveal in a poem? OPE
Richie's dad, to the Fonz MRC
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee the same year as Clapton and Taylor RAITT
Rolled __ OATS
Salon appliance STYLER
Sandra Denton, in a hip-hop trio PEPA
Scolds severely RIPSINTO
Secure, on a farm PENIN
See 111-Down CHI
Shared spirit ETHOS
Shock source TASER
Sign up ENLIST
Sluglike "Star Wars" alien HUTT
Sooner than BEFORE
Spa feature SAUNA
Spanish liqueur ANIS
Spellbound RAPT
Still-life subject VASE
Still-life subject EWER
Stirred AWOKE
Sturgeon delicacy CAVIAR
Suffered a setback RELAPSED
Swear to be true AVOW
Swimwear option ONEPIECE
Tabasco, por ejemplo ESTADO
Tammany Hall Tiger artist NAST
Taproom quencher ALE
Tedium ENNUI
They may be tipped HATS
Trypanosome transmitter TSETSE
Turn gray, maybe AGE
Twistedly funny WRY
U. of Maryland player TERP
U.K. country ENG
U.S. Army E-6 SSGT
Understands SEES
Vitalian, for one POPE
Wagering places: Abbr OTBS
Wall recess NICHE
Wedding acquisition, perhaps? BROTHERINLAW
What X may mean TEN
Winter warmer HEATER
With 110-Down, Eastern discipline TAI
Word from Tonto SABE
Work for SERVE
Writ word HABEAS
Yokels HICKS
__ bread RAISIN