The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,239 - Oct 7 2016

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Clues Answers
Action of one returning after journey is becoming very clear COMINGHOME
Animals celebrated, rolling over GNUS
Bill may get such an acknowledgement RECEIPT
Book with more than one title DEBRETTSPEERAGE
Bribe offered by cheat upsettingly exposed in tabloid SUBORN
Composer making request, right to interrupt BERG
Confinement of prisoners with exercise given minimal time CONSTRAINT
Delightful singing by chaps heading off ENCHANTING
Dog -- one posing a problem? SETTER
Dry red soil scattered all over the place DISORDERLY
Element of initiation ceremony in days gone by ONCE
Hazel has such a small bit in play, speaking only at the start LAMBSTAILS
I dare somehow to conceal love as travelling supporter ROADIE
Keen Conservative coming in to help ACID
Label for killer of pigs? STICKER
Clues Answers
Lapsing somehow not good -- backbone's needed SPINAL
Leave theatrical role PART
Native American dance on island HOPI
Old city disciple embraces a US soldier turning up SAIGON
One little girl, the flower of Oxford ISIS
Piano seems to drown this organ NOSE
Property in car ESTATE
Provides refreshment in a variety of crates CATERS
Quiet little man will accept order, I forecast PREDICTION
Revolutionary's engaging soldiers for tedious tasks CHORES
Soldiers given official recognition -- something read out RECITATION
Source established beyond doubt by an English church PROVENANCE
Star involved with the official dogmatic statements ARTICLESOFFAITH
Water often flows over this to submerge floor covering for Spooner MUDFLAT
Weapon made sir nasty SIDEARM