The Telegraph - Cryptic - Oct 5 2016

Clues Answers
Animal trap designed to hold one TAPIR
Butter up easily hurt cleaner SOFTSOAP
Current group of pupils split by ability STREAM
Custom in mounting Pegasus USAGE
Cut short attempt to be of help to Labour TRAVAIL
Dark flower cut for such hats SOMBREROS
Did nothing, but lied about pinching diamonds IDLED
Do puzzle, heading off for daughter DIDDLE
Earth summits on fuel TOPSOIL
Eradicating right to go relaxing EASING
Fungal infection of right-winger backed by doctor DRYROT
Handy people for getting the message across? SIGNERS
Highly skilled, but with no power to wield EXERT
How party without women sadly becomes degenerate ATROPHY
Clues Answers
Identifies spot occupying listeners EARMARKS
Intended to welcome new money FINANCE
Muggy day clinched the sale? CLOSED
Music genre of Scot perhaps seen on American Dad BRITPOP
Person easily convinced to hang around after knocking back drink PUSHOVER
Refusal to acknowledge sweeper out of form BRUSHOFF
Salutes quality in a drop of the hard stuff? HAILSTONE
Suffering parental pariah has no time for such trappings PARAPHERNALIA
Taken to court about smear and suffered SUSTAINED
The girl with new hat gets a cocktail dress SHEATH
Type of purchase made by brotherhood, one hears MAILORDER
Undue rushing from rain, perhaps PRECIPITATION
Unease rose, yet sent back to take in sights EYESORES
Weight of a vast rig at sea? GRAVITAS