The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26534 - October 4, 2016

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Clues Answers
A holiday offers naught for a hobbyist's interest AVOCATION
A little land's needing two gates bolted ANDORRAN
A pact goes wrong: this one takes the blame SCAPEGOAT
Almost needs to fasten loose garment NIGHTIE
Amphibian jet car goes haywire in fluid tank NATTERJACK
Blue diamonds one's kept in home are stolen? INDIGO
Comic sent up Liberal peer DROLL
Dull colour is something motorists want to go, some say? KHAKI
Eccentricities of queen annoy society QUIRKS
Fabulous flower died taken from wild orchid ICHOR
Fish in newspaper served up GAR
Former city politician has a change of heart TROY
How to choreograph a ballet being staged? STEPBYSTEP
Indium-copper conductor is a source of difficulty INCUBUS
Insult art endlessly? That's narrow-minded INSULAR
Italian dish is extreme, eaten by half of Rome RISOTTO
Clues Answers
Lad found carrying weapon in Norfolk town YARMOUTH
Mental suffering can, leading to great piece of art PAINTING
Number fifty-six is lost from your present mission? SONG
Officer briefly seen in naval prison BRIG
One saving object again to look quickly over GOALKEEPER
Professor of knowledge we care about is accepted WISEACRE
Shore creature caught with right bait swimming near Channel island HERMITCRAB
Signs of age shown by quarrels over payment in court CROWSFEET
Steep wave on river is a problem for some ships? BORER
Transparency shown by excellent gallery ACETATE
Weigh up topless girls son's chasing ASSESS
What bookie offers ultimately to defraud bad betters ODDS
What can draw one in like our easy cryptic with a bit of grit? QUICKSAND
Work steadily at college once, avoiding second PLY
Worry about large old piece of broccoli FLORET