Universal - Oct 3 2016

Clues Answers
"I knew it all ___!" ALONG
"Mayday!" cousin SOS
"Sesame Street" resident ERNIE
"Silas Marner" novelist George ELIOT
"Up, up and away" defunct airline TWA
"What ___ can I say?" ELSE
"___ together, now!" ALL
Academy newbie PLEBE
Accomplishments DEEDS
Adolescent's outbreak ACNE
Alter a skirt, in a way HEM
Andean civilization INCA
Approx. for a landing ETA
Be wrong ERR
Between ocean shores ATSEA
Brinker with the skates HANS
Broccoli bit FLORET
Buck fanciers DOES
Carpenter or lumberjack, at times SAWER
Causing the willies EERIE
Clinton daughter CHELSEA
Coat for frigid weather PARKA
Common Market inits., once EEC
Congers EELS
Cuckoo clock feature DOOR
Cuddly warm TOASTY
Damon of Hollywood MATT
Desert descriptor ARID
Dog's "dogs" PAWS
Eden-to-Nod direction EAST
Emulate a skunk STINK
Emulated a hungry lion PROWLED
Express disapproval of DEPLORE
Eyelid unit LASH
Fury IRE
Grassy grazing expanses LEAS
Harrelson on "Cheers" BOYD
Have a sudden inspiration? GASP
Clues Answers
Having little fat LEAN
How many bills are paid MONTHAFTERMONTH
Impersonator APER
Interlock, as gears ENGAGE
Italy's volcano ETNA
Keanu in "The Matrix" NEO
Like a billiard table and some hats FELTED
Like sweater weather CHILLY
Line from the heart ARTERY
Margarine substitute OLEO
Mary of "The Maltese Falcon" ASTOR
Mind-altering drug LSD
More melancholy SADDER
Not behind? ANTI
Oar fulcrum THOLE
Pet with green "hair" CHIA
Preface, essentially INTRO
Presidential contender of 2004 KERRY
Public speakers' places PODIA
Rank, in tournaments SEED
Reasoning ability SENSE
Respectful address to a lady MAAM
Scottish Gaelic ERSE
Selling point ASSET
Sitcom legend Dick Van ___ DYKE
Some handy homeowners WEEKENDWARRIORS
Square-jawed detective TRACY
Squid squirt INK
Swiss Army knife's array USES
T, in Athens TAU
Telephone sound TONE
Travel ROAM
Turn in coupons REDEEM
Ultimate heights ACMES
Vietnam's capital HANOI
Way, way off AFAR
___ mater ALMA