The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,005 - Oct 2 2016

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Clues Answers
A revolutionary fortification BARRICADE
American in charge of the match FUSEE
Birds skipping over the water DUCKSANDDRAKES
Captivate a church member CHARM
Dreamy but not solemn composition SOMNOLENT
Drug used when man's between hospitals HASHISH
Esteem shown for those that are fit HEALTHYRESPECT
Gets inside information coming up for savings NESTEGG
Gold that is left to an Oxford college ORIEL
Handbook for girl in uniform GUIDE
Injured, withdrew from competition SCRATCHED
It's not popular, as a rule DICTATORSHIP
Man in Spain loses hard game OMBRE
Odd role rewritten by an idle scribbler DOODLER
Clues Answers
Picadors are involved here and there SPORADIC
Plant name one needs to change ANEMONE
Quietly it goes behind a tree for the quarry LIMEPIT
Red shirt for one getting into clothes laid out GARIBALDI
Refuse to work and get off? Blimey! STRIKEALIGHT
She puts on other people's clothes DRESSER
Situation of a bad sailor — or his boat INIRONS
Stop giving cold comfort CEASE
They may be happy playing cards FAMILIES
This may cause a number to take up weapons ALARM
To be paid nothing to fly OWING
Unusually, Len gave four good books EVANGEL
Ways of forecasting election results that are on the way out EXITPOLLS
Wild animals have to rub on trees BUFFALOES