The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,001 - Sep 27 2016

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Clues Answers
Supporter of an economic system that is disastrous (italics apt) CAPITALIST
Ducks surround small lake in city OSLO
During very fine morning yearn to climb tree MAGNOLIA
Excite gentleman, grabbing top of thigh STIR
Father Christmas shedding clothes over one summer month upset part of the WI ANTIGUA
Feeling duller at end of term? EPIDURAL
Font functions beautifully at first with suitable individual text BAPTISMS
Hiding bottom in swingers' bar, Arachne cuts odd, discontented figure TRAPEZOID
Key rings quietly diminish in number DEPLETE
Men talk, twitching, of sexual pleasure ORGASTIC
Mother most attentive, keeping temperature steadier THERMOSTAT
Name state of North American mountain region APPELLATION
Patient dropping in here unrobed, panicking nurse BEDPAN
Perhaps more tea and toast made by dog breeders? TOPUPS
Clues Answers
Predicament is easy to bear after heading to pub PLIGHT
Railways regularly neglected, I'm sorry to say ALAS
Ravel fantasia, arr. Bob Marley? RASTAFARIAN
Retired bachelor used to be my doctor SAWBONES
Sent certain kingly leaders away, causing amusement ENTERTAININGLY
Sex carries advantages for your health PROSIT
Shy queen with very piercing intelligence NERVOUS
Ten cheers for tiny thing! IOTA
They shock and bestir frail old rebels DEFIBRILLATORS
Unable to settle at home, put back bedtime INDEBT
Where you might ski round and round and spend a lot SPLASHOUT
Whiteness of china egg held in both hands PALLOR
Writing first version of paper, not out wearing women's clothes DRAFTING
Wrongly say Capone is breaking law ILLEGAL