Universal - Jul 31 2008

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Clues Answers
'''Tis a pity!'' ALAS
''A Farewell to ___'' ARMS
''All the News That's Fit to Print'' coiner OCHS
''Beam ___, Scotty!'' MEUP
''Do not open til ___'' XMAS
''Friends'' baby EMMA
''Low-budget,'' in brand names ECONO
''Three Sisters'' character OLGA
''To ___ is human'' ERR
1889 oil on canvas by van Gogh IRISES
A doctor may open one PRIVATEPRACTICE
A few Z's in Zaragoza SIESTA
Abalone product NACRE
Abbr. for dumbbells LBS
Absorbent powder TALC
Academy in Maryland NAVAL
Ali vs. Liston outcome, 1965 TKO
All tucked in ABED
Allows to remain STETS
Angel higher than a cherub SERAPH
Apply hastily, as paint SLAPON
April 1 baby ARIES
Banned bug killer DDT
Banner of 10-Down EPA
Beyond dry SERE
Blue-black berrylike fruit SLOE
Calif. cop group LAPD
Clay deposit LOESS
Cohort of Mr. Green Jeans CAPTAINKANGAROO
Compassionate CARING
Contemporary of Stenmark and Tomba MAHRE
Crime show based on a federal org. THEFBI
Decorative pitchers EWERS
Deep boredom ENNUI
Doesn't succumb to the strain COPES
Eliciting a shrug, perhaps SOSO
Eye-pleasing, as a view SCENIC
Full, at a theater SRO
Clues Answers
George or Ringo BEATLE
Get a gut feeling SENSE
Great dog? DANE
Greek vowel IOTA
Heavy genre METAL
Humans, among others BIPEDS
Is on the verge of NEARS
Kyrgyzstan's ___ Range ALAI
Leo Sayers' hit ''When ___ You'' INEED
Levels of karate expertise DANS
Luke and Laura's show GENERALHOSPITAL
Mountain climber's tool ICEAX
Notable shipwright NOAH
One to hang with PAL
One who suspends an action, in law ABATOR
Perniciousness HARM
Powerful persons NABOBS
Pre-blastoff number ONE
Prime minister of Israel Yitzhak SHAMIR
Refrain sequence LALALA
Roadside lodge INN
Rounded lump GLOB
Runs through a credit card reader SWIPES
Sarah McLachlan hit ADIA
School for princes William and Harry ETON
Screwy ODD
Second half of an album SIDEB
Siamese language? MEOWS
Skins org. NFC
Some stand at the side of the stage AMPS
Special interest gps. PACS
Sugar partner in rhyme SPICE
Tend to, as sauce STIR
Titled nobleman LORD
Western challenge DRAW
Wildfire sound ROAR
___ noire (fearsome entity) BETE
___-a-brac BRIC