Wall Street Journal - Oct 1 2016 - Knee Pads

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Clues Answers
'Dark Sky Island' singer ENYA
'Dig in!' EAT
'Paris, Texas' director Wenders WIM
'Single Ladies' singer BEYONCE
'The Father of Geometry' EUCLID
'There'll be hell ___' TOPAY
'Yeah, right!' IBET
'___ with a spoon!' GAGME
A Monopoly set includes 28 of them DEEDS
Add-___ (extras) ONS
Aileron location WING
Ali, self-referentially GREATEST
Apprentice to an arson investigator? ASHTRAINEE
Appropriate COOPT
Artlessly self-effacing AWSHUCKS
At a distance APART
Atlantic City casino with an ancient Rome theme CAESARS
Baby Gap buys ONESIES
Badly impacted HARDHIT
Benedict's 'The Imitation Game' co-star KEIRA
Boardwalk treat ICE
Buttonhole, e.g SLIT
Cap that's part of the crew uniform? WORKERBEANIE
Captain Marvel's magic word SHAZAM
Card game for two WAR
Card game for two GIN
Catches SNARES
Causes of distress BANES
Changing spot CABANA
Chopper component ROTOR
Chorus of dissent NOS
Classic 1957 sci-fi film KRONOS
Coastal raptors ERNS
Cold meat dishes TERRINES
Compliant words to the captain AYESIR
Conglomerate whose name means 'rising sun' HITACHI
Crackerjack ADEPT
Crown colony until 1948 CEYLON
Cubic decimeter LITER
D preceder CSHARP
Decalogue deliverer MOSES
Dog at Buckingham Palace? ROYALWEENIE
Dream-related ONEIRIC
DVD sent to an Academy voter SCREENER
Enterprise offering RENTAL
Flapped one's gums NATTERED
Flicker food ANTS
Florida governor Rick SCOTT
Foreign leader? XENO
Forking diagram TREE
Ganges access GHAT
Gathering places of antiquity AGORAS
Go from reasonable to exorbitant SOAR
Gouda cousin EDAM
Greek goddess of chance TYCHE
Greet from across the room WAVETO
Gyro wrapper PITA
Having stomata POROSE
He put two and two together NOAH
He shared the Peace Prize with Menachem ANWAR
Helvetica look-alike ARIAL
Historian's focus PAST
House shower CSPAN
Knocks down FELLS
Lender's offering BAGEL
List of choices MENU
Clues Answers
Mike to Sulley, in 'Monsters, Inc.'? SCARECRONY
Millipede maker ATARI
Moneyed muck-a-muck NABOB
Monopolist's share ALL
Mount Suribachi setting IWOJIMA
Name on Cork coins EIRE
Nasty remark GIBE
Nation once ruled by a 70-Across IRAN
Nikkei Index unit YEN
Old man DAD
On the ground instead of the saddle, say THROWN
Oncle's wife TANTE
One of its first films was 'To Fly!' IMAX
One on the fast track RACER
Openly declare AVOW
Organ examined in a pre-med class? SCHOOLKIDNEY
Ornamental blooms GLADS
Pageant contestant identifiers, often SASHES
Particular period ERA
Pasta preparation aid STRAINER
Penitent person ATONER
Pepper abbr SGT
Peyton's brother ELI
Piccolo of football fame BRIAN
Place for Ping-Pong RECHALL
Pluck GRIT
Plugged in AWARE
Pot-laced treat? HIGHBROWNIE
Pound units CAGES
Proust protagonist SWANN
Quintessential IDEAL
Reducing sentences, e.g EDITING
Rust-stained mineral outcropping IRONHAT
Salt scrub offerers DAYSPAS
Sapphire, e.g OXIDE
Secret get-togethers TRYSTS
See 65-Across SHAH
Skating category PAIRS
Sounds of understanding AHS
Source of criminal charges? TASER
Spirit who grants you no wishes? ZEROGENIE
Sported WORE
Spouses of some countesses EARLS
Starts steaming GETSSORE
Step on stage PAS
Stiff, sheer fabric ORGANDY
Summation symbol, in math SIGMA
Swift followers, e.g BIRDERS
Tea ceremony costumes KIMONOS
Team relocated in 2005 EXPOS
Theater award made with the Bessemer process? STEELTONY
They make sacrifices BUNTERS
They're swung in the Olympics EPEES
Toots and the Maytals specialty SKA
Trendy HIP
Underfunded SHORT
USO show audience GIS
Utterly defeat OWN
Vacation abode COTTAGE
Venerated art IKONS
Virna of 'How to Murder Your Wife' LISI
Was offensive, in a way SMELLED
Wheel piece SPOKE
Where die Sonne rises OST
Wi-Fi alternative ETHERNET
Witchy woman HAG
Zookeeper's ammo, informally TRANKS