L.A. Times Daily - Sep 26 2016

Clues Answers
"Give me __!": start of a Hoosier cheer ANI
"Let's get goin'!" CMON
"No __!": "Easy!" PROB
"That's a shame" ALAS
Activist Parks ROSA
Arctic or Indian OCEAN
Backs up in fear SHIES
Bit of trickery RUSE
Blessed HOLY
British balderdash TOSH
Broadway do-or-die philosophy, and a hint to the ends of 17-, 30-, 37- and 44-Across THESHOWMUSTGOON
Buffalo Wild Wings nickname based on its initials BDUBS
Burn slightly SINGE
California peak SHASTA
Cats and dogs PETS
Chimney sweep's sweepings SOOT
Chinese menu general TSO
Cincinnati's state OHIO
Coffeehouse connection WIFI
Covert or black doings OPS
Decadent, as the snobs in a historic Agnew speech EFFETE
Diagnostic tests XRAYS
Drinks with floating ice cream SODAS
Droll WRY
Easily tipped boat CANOE
Emergency shelter beds COTS
End that "I face," in Sinatra's "My Way" THEFINALCURTAIN
Eye surgery acronym LASIK
Family rooms DENS
Feudal laborer SERF
First assassin to attack Caesar CASCA
Folk singer Joan BAEZ
Food, in diner signs EATS
Foolish, in slang DORKY
Fortuneteller SEER
Furry swimmer OTTER
Gentlemen's partners LADIES
Get-out-of-jail money BAIL
Clues Answers
Given to giving orders BOSSY
Gold bar INGOT
Grand slam homer quartet, briefly RBIS
Grounded Aussie birds EMUS
Hand out cards DEAL
In the style of, in ristorantes ALLA
Informal negative AINT
It has 32 pieces and a 64-square board CHESSSET
Jersey or Guernsey ISLE
Kind ILK
Like airplane services INFLIGHT
Madcap ZANY
Marquee name STAR
Marvel Comics mutants XMEN
Modern, in Munich NEU
More than enough AMPLE
Often rolled-over investment IRA
Passed-down knowledge LORE
Ponder (over) MULL
Popeye's Olive OYL
Prefix with hit or store MEGA
Rye grass disease ERGOT
Self-images EGOS
Surrounded by AMONG
Swimming in pea soup? FOGGY
The jolt in joe? CAFFEINE
Throb ACHE
Top-left PC key ESC
Try, as food TASTE
Twirl or whirl SPIN
Twirled sticks BATONS
Vital phase KEYSTAGE
We, to Henri NOUS
Windy City summer hrs CDT
Words meaning the same thing: Abbr SYNS
Yale alumni ELIS
__ accompli FAIT
__'acte: intermission ENTR