The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,677 - Sep 21 2016

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Clues Answers
A foolish person with no pet lifted cat PUMA
A warmer colour recalled in many parts ASUNDER
Animal seen, a tiny trap set SPINYANTEATER
Blaze of light bent, by the sound of it? FLARE
Call from card player, a great deal turning up before cut NOTRUMP
Canine has to be extracted after much wailing and screaming, perhaps? DINGO
Cheated with two exes? DOUBLECROSSED
Give us a call, as basis of communication? PHONEME
High time for a palindrome? NOON
Italian food with no topping sent back by friend in impressive piles PALAZZI
Legs cut after falling over PINS
Loveless English city ending in catastrophe, as something tough faced? BRISTLE
Meeting supporting word of deliberation FORUM
Member marks being admitted to party LIMB
Moneyed Londoner has gone off with Arsenal striker in the end SLOANERANGER
Nail hammered into diminutive instrument, clashing? UNALIKE
Clues Answers
One man -- four in pack, in general KING
Overhead cover protecting us behind old drain EXHAUST
Relative on the prowl finally finding house of ill repute BROTHEL
Report includes cutting tool ADZE
Resolute porter STOUT
Ringed article on lunar broadcast ANNULAR
Rubbish binding plain silk TABARET
Runner, star running the wrong way AVON
Sombre and depressed, evidently hurt BLACKANDBLUE
Something sharp, not that soft, will soothe, given recent conclusions THISTLE
Swell, everything gift-wrapped? BALLOON
Symbolic operations, one leaving country smuggling booze, primarily ALGEBRA
Terrible blow having ruined a fleece TORNADO
Time swift, maybe? BIRD
Vagrant wrapping newspaper in towel DRIFTER
Wool-worker's right to support little ball of fur with end raised KNITTER