L.A. Times Daily - Sep 18 2016

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Clues Answers
"America's Funniest Home Videos" host SAGET
"And how!" ILLSAY
"Casino Royale" Bond girl Vesper __ LYND
"Forget it!" IWONT
"JAG" spin-off NCIS
"Right on!" AMEN
"Shame on thee!" FIE
"SNL" castmate of Ferrell and Gasteyer OTERI
"Something to Talk About" singer RAITT
"Still Me" memoirist REEVE
"The comedian just wasn't funny"? NOTMYCUPOFTEHEE
"The Haj" novelist URIS
"Your point being ... ?" SOO
"__ tree falls ... " IFA
20th-century blight victim ELM
A bit cracked AJAR
Actress Gershon GINA
Agcy. that does searches TSA
All fired up AVID
Anatomical walls SEPTA
As to INRE
Astronomer's aid STARMAP
Atlas stat AREA
Auction cry SOLD
Bacon serving? ESSAY
Baloney, to Brits TOSH
Bermuda Triangle locale: Abbr ATL
Biol. or chem SCI
Black Sea port ODESSA
Blew it ERRED
Bluejacket TAR
Bothered big-time ATEAT
Bourbon and others: Abbr STS
Bowlers, e.g HATS
Bring up RAISE
Came upon MET
Capital on the Danube BRATISLAVA
Capone colleague NITTI
Captain of the Nautilus NEMO
Carpet manufacturers' contraptions LOOMS
Champagne buckets, e.g ICERS
Chariot-riding god ARES
Circular gaskets ORINGS
Class guides SYLLABI
Closet concern MOTH
Color quality TONE
Comes down with GETS
Common thing? SENSE
Corleone family member providing free downloads? SONNYANDSHAREWARE
Cross SPAN
Crowning ATOP
Curbside call TAXI
Curry spice CUMIN
Data transmitter MODEM
Daybreak goddess EOS
Demotion in 2006 news PLUTO
Desolate LORN
Divvy up ALLOT
Doughnuts, shapewise TORI
Driver's choice SEDAN
Early Irish alphabet OGHAM
Emperor after Claudius NERO
Eye care solution brand RENU
Fields who founded Mrs. Fields DEBBI
Fit the facts ADDUP
Fixates (on) DWELLS
Foreword INTRO
Game ragout SALMI
Gardening during karate training? RAKINGINTHEDOJO
Clues Answers
Good-for-nothing OTIOSE
Half a matched set HERS
Hammett hound ASTA
Have second thoughts WAVER
Heather family shrubs ERICAS
Highlands native GAEL
Highway safety org. since 1980 MADD
Home on the range TEEPEE
Hornswoggle ROOK
Insignificant MERE
It has an eye on television CBS
It might be picked NIT
It's driven CAR
It's generally higher on the hwy MPG
Italian hot spot ETNA
Item on a belt TOOL
Japanese-American NISEI
Jays and Rays ALERS
Jupiter's wife JUNO
Just out NEW
Katniss' "Hunger Games" ally PEETA
Kind of cookie? SMART
Kitties POTS
Late October option TREAT
Letter-moving gp USPO
Like some organisms modified in labs TRANSGENIC
Log-in requirements USERIDS
Long-distance commuter's community EXURB
Loudness unit SONE
Medicinal amt TSP
Methuselah's father ENOCH
Mine, in Marseilles AMOI
Move furtively SIDLE
Muddy home STY
Name of eight popes URBAN
Ocean ring ATOLL
Old Aspen music maker? ROCKYMOUNTAINHIFI
Old Italian capital LIRE
One on the stand SWEARER
Online security feature ACCESSCODE
Painful rebuke SLAP
Patsy's "Ab Fab" pal EDINA
PGA part: Abbr ASSN
Press release? WINE
Printemps period MAI
Pulitzer-winning Ferber novel SOBIG
Responsibility ONUS
See 49-Across TRAP
Simple life some strive to get back to NATURE
Sister of Osiris ISIS
Small birds with complex songs WRENS
Soft sweater ANGORA
Song and dance RIGAMAROLE
South Carolina river SANTEE
Spherical opening? HEMI
Starch-producing palm tree SAGO
Statue base PLINTH
Straighten out UNCOIL
Succeed after leaving the band? REAPWHATYOUSOLO
Sweet Sixteen org NCAA
Tech. schools INSTS
Tiny particles MOTES
Vehicle with caterpillar treads SNOCAT
Very important MAJOR
Wimpish newspaper writer? EDITORIALWIENIE
Winter Palace resident TSAR
With 17-Down, warning cry ITSA
Zen riddle KOAN
Zoo barrier MOAT
__ de coeur: pained outburst CRI