The Guardian - Speedy crossword No 1,095 - Sep 17 2016

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Clues Answers
Base of column or statuary PLINTH
Canal walkway TOWPATH
Decompose ROT
Given to mishaps ACCIDENTPRONE
Given to sensual enjoyment EPICUREAN
Hoard of valuables TREASURECHEST
Idiosyncrasy FOIBLE
Imagined object FIGMENT
Invariably cold wind EASTERLY
Notion IDEA
Object beyond criticism SACREDCOW
Clues Answers
Oddment SCRAP
Outward appearance FACADE
Pay attention to HEED
Possess OWN
Prey on one's mind GNAW
Principle TENET
Purely spiritual (love) PLATONIC
Sentimental fondness SOFTSPOT
Up-to-the-minute STATEOFTHEART
Vested with power or influence AUTHORITATIVE
Watcher VOYEUR