L.A. Times Daily - Jul 26 2008

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Clues Answers
"Concord Sonata" composer IVES
"I and the Village" artist CHAGALL
"Miss Saigon" Tony-winning actress SALONGA
1983 Oscar-winning film for Best Original Song Score YENTL
AAA part: Abbr. AMER
Be among the best at EXCELIN
Blockheads LUGS
Bulgur or emmer WHEAT
Cal. column SAT
Corrida participant PICADOR
Court no-no, usually HEARSAY
Dealer's query INOROUT
Disposal input ORTS
Early riser? SUN
Enters without notice SLIPSIN
Foresters, e.g. SUBARUS
French novelist Pierre LOTI
Hunter's device LEGTRAP
Hydroxyl compound ENOL
It's a tight fit LEOTARD
Level off PLATEAU
Like some measures EXTREME
Long of "Soul Food" NIA
Lukas of "Witness" HAAS
Model with a self-descriptive name ELLE
Moor growth HEATHER
Moped relative SCOOTER
Mughal Empire capital of the 16th-17th century AGRA
No place for a solo driver HOVLANE
Pigged out ATEALOT
Pioneer Day celebrants UTAHANS
Clues Answers
Poindexter NERD
Protrusion JUT
Ring combatant, hillbilly-style RASSLER
Rover's sustenance ALPO
Rub the wrong way NETTLE
Second in a series BETA
See stars? GAZE
Semiweekly Martha's Vineyard newspaper GAZETTE
Shake on AGREETO
Show sudden interest SITUP
Slew TON
Slight errors LAPSES
Sources of orders, briefly HQS
Spring (for) POP
Start of a colorful mnemonic ROY
Starts slowly EASESIN
Thankless sort INGRATE
They employ speakers STEREOS
They usually end up in hot water TEAS
Ties up at the dock WHARFS
Town on the heel of Italy's boot OTRANTO
Treaty topic TESTBAN
Try to hit with wild swings FLAILAT
UnitГ© politique ETAT
Upstream swimmer SHAD
Use in an undignified way STOOPTO
Webers per square meter TESLAS
Where Alcoholics Anonymous was founded AKRONOHIO
Where Queen Beatrix lives, with "The" HAGUE