The Washington Post - Sep 14 2016

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Clues Answers
'American Idiot' band GREENDAY
'Breaking Bad' broadcaster AMC
'Come again?' WHAT
'I thought so!' AHA
'Peter Pan' pooch NANA
'Put a lid ___!' ONIT
'Roots' writer HALEY
Ballyhoo HYPE
Bar offering SUSHI
Beach sights DUNES
Big first for a baby STEP
Bolt holder TNUT
Bum kin HOBO
Burlesque bit SKIT
Chase flies SHAG
Complete TOTAL
Cost of living? RENT
Country mentioned on the Beatles' 'White Album' USSR
Cut, as class SKIPPED
Diamond Head locale OAHU
Double Dutch gear ROPE
Fan sound RAH
Fast pace CLIP
FHA offering MTGE
Fork-tailed flier TERN
Frenziedly AMOK
Give to for safekeeping ENTRUST
Hair ball TOPKNOT
Heavy reading? TOME
It's inflatable and fun POOLTOY
It's left behind ESTATE
Kindle contents EBOOKS
Like a more difficult situation STICKIER
Like an overbearing big sister or brother BOSSY
Like Beethoven DEAF
Little laugh TEHEE
Clues Answers
Locker room shower? ESPN
Mild oaths DRATS
Nancy of 'Access Hollywood' ODELL
Nasty ICKY
Naught NIL
Not barefoot SHOD
Org. in old spy stories OSS
Pac-12 team UCLA
Played out STALE
Popular fruit drink HIC
Prefix with meter ODO
Put an edge on WHET
Qatari leader EMIR
Record records CHARTS
Remove, as a brooch UNPIN
Slender reed OBOE
Something sold in mint condition TICTAC
Somewhat, slangily SORTA
Start of an elimination rhyme EENIE
Stocking stuffers TOES
Style of poker STUD
Surfer wannabe HODAD
Take to one's heart ENDEAR
Terrific musical instrument? GRANDPIANO
Terrific orchestra leader? SUPERCONDUCTOR
Terrific relative? GREATUNCLE
Terrific talent with automobile engines? FINEMOTORSKILL
Tetra- plus one PENTA
Turns right GEES
Ultrasound images FETUSES
Urban haze SMOG
Went off, in a way RANG
Workweek letters MTWTF
Yellowfin tuna AHI